Spoiler Warnings: Age Of X Secrets Reveled….Who Dunnit In X-Men: Legacy #247

In the latest chapter of the Age of X we’re let it on everything, from who did it, to why, how, and even when it took place. All the big questions find answers, and all answers revolve around a single man.


David Haller. Legion. The son of Charles Xavier.


From his first Age of X appearance there have been red flags, starting with his ‘mother’ Moira MacTaggart and her presence being felt…despite her being both dead and not related to David at all (his parentage being Xavier and Gabrielle Haller). We find out through a flashback that Xavier and Dr. Nemesis had been trying to help Legion with his multiple personalities, but they wound up creating a new personality. This new one is the reality warper that created the Age of X, who created a world for David to be safe and feel important, for him to be loved and respected. The entire world goes into a box, and Fortress X exists for Legion to be the hero.


This was seven days ago.


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