10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 04.15.2011 – Edge, Christian, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, Lay Cool

Reviewing the 4/15/11 episode of Friday Night Smackdown…

1. Could the next repercussion after the change in the main event at Extreme Rules be Ezekiel Jackson turning face? In his big chance to talk and make a statement to The Corre after throwing Kofi Kingston on top of his comrades at the announce table, Ezekiel was given a mic and seemed to stumble over his words. Not a good sign. Although in his defense, in the first half hour of the show Teddy Long and Michael Cole did the same thing. Later in the night Justin Gabriel eliminated Corre stablemate Wade Barrett in the 20 man #1 contender’s battle royal to face Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match and made it to the final four. Trouble in The Corre. This definitely should not be ignored next week even if they do go back to being a fully functional group again.

2. Something did not seem right with the Lay Cool counseling segment. It just seemed way too scripted to me for two Divas who are supposed to be not getting along. As much as I love watching Layla, she really seemed extra flighty. And poor Michelle McCool. She went straight from the counseling segment into a debut vignette where she had her head popped off by the soon to be rechristened Awesome Kong. The official break up seemed to happen later in the evening when McCool cost Layla another match against Kelly Kelly and then shoved her down. Strange that the already tall McCool would be allowed to wear such high heels to make her tower over Layla. Maybe it was for a bully effect, but really, no need to accentuate that fact. She would have looked all the more the heel without the extra height and would have achieved the same effect as fans will garner sympathy for Layla from the wiseass McCool.

3. It is sad to see Edge’s career ending right before our eyes. On one hand you do have to be very happy that he is retiring without further injury or something far worse, but on the other, you know deep down this is the end of an era and that we will never get to see one of the legendary superstars of our time compete again. On a lighter note, I wonder what the higher ups in WWE were thinking when Edge used “last night” in reference to Raw. That is one slip that on this occasion is very inconsequential in scope to the end of this man’s storied WWE career.

4. I have to agree with Booker T and say that Kelly Kelly is just looking phenomenal these days. Besides improving in the ring, she is just in tremendous shape in all the right places. Enough to make anyone jealous to whoever may be wrestling her that given night.

5. If someone needed a reason to watch or buy Wrestlemania 27, then they need look no further than the Triple H vs. Undertaker match. WWE continues to produce excellent videos around the match and another one here added more comments from WWE legends and superstars, which only hyped it even more. Great job.

6. The Big Show’s, what should be illegal closed fist, knockout punch is now dubbed the WMD. Weapon of Mass Destruction. Great name. Although if there ever was a move Vickie Guerrero should have banned when she was GM, it should have been that one.

7. All night was devoted to Edge, but WWE did a great job elevating the perception of The Corre, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Chris Masters, Cody Rhodes and Christian most notably. It’s up to the superstars now if they are given a chance to earn Edge’s spot, to break through and seize that bull by the horns and show WWE what they have been missing. As sad as Edge’s send off is, it also creates new opportunities for a lot of those guys in the back. Christian is the immediate beneficiary as he won the 20 man Battle Royal to earn the right to face Alberto Del Rio in the Ladder Match at Extreme Rules. Alberto wanted to be handed the belt in typical heel fashion at the beginning of the show, but Teddy Long put him in his place and made the Battle Royal. Christian stepped up, much deserved and will face the aristocrat with the winner being crowned new World Champion. WWE might have seen this coming as Christian slides nicely into the role formerly occupied by his best friend thanks to the last month worth of booking. It’s a nice way to honor Edge as his best friend takes his place.

8.  Line Of the Night:

To Michael Cole regarding him slapping Jack Swagger after his loss to Jerry Lawler on Raw

a. Booker T – “Cole, could you explain something to me? How could you be so stupid to slap the guy that’s been training you for so long?”

9. Match of the Night:

Rey Mysterio vs. Drew McIntyre

Another great contest between the two. Rey and Drew have developed great chemistry. The match seemed longer than their last televised match up, but I do remember the other one being very solid if not possibly even better. The big difference here is that the announcers were really paying attention to Drew’s rising aggressiveness, something he has had ever since the Kelly Kelly storyline. They were also putting Drew over as trying to get that big win to put him over the top. I hope this leads to a story where Drew can break the glass ceiling and elevate himself to a major player on Smackdown again and be capable of consistently main eventing PPVs.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

Make no mistake this was a farewell to Edge show. Lots of heartfelt moments and goodbyes to an unquestionable WWE legend and future Hall of Famer. The show was about respect, giving Edge the floor and also for the WWE superstars and universe to say thanks to a superstar who sacrificed his own body to make his dreams come true. Of course along the way he made WWE a lot of money. It’s the least they can do and I applaud them for it. He will be missed both in and out of the ring and hopefully he is honored as a 1st ballot Hall of Famer next year in Miami. I was hoping for Macho Man, but hopefully one day he’ll get in as well as they both are much deserved class headliners. Speaking of class, Edge despite the perception of his human nature surrounding past controversies showed a lot of class here and seemed very sincere and genuine in his appreciation and heartfelt thanks. WWE has lost a key performer and entertainer. Hopefully such superstars like Christian can step up and fill the void. Thank you, Edge. From the two Wrestlemanias I attended, 22 and 26, you stole the show and anyone who has had the pleasure of watching this WWE legend perform, definitely count yourself lucky.

Show MVP:


That is all.

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