Post War Of The Green Lanterns GLC Has Hal, John & Guy. No Kyle?

More War of the Green Lanterns news… and spoilers from DC?

Following teasers that indicate a new Green Lantern for Sector 2814, with John Stewart front and center, comes a new one with Hal Jordan in the spotlight on DC’s website (see right).

In addition, DC’s June solicitation for Green Lantern Corps 61 seems to indicate that Kyle Rayner survives War of the Green Lanterns, but is he still a Green Lantern? Is he maimed? Has he joined another Corps?

We have post War of the Green Lanterns pictures of John Stewart and Guy Gardner of the covers of GLC and Emerald Warriors respectively.

We also have a Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan front and center so Hal likely survives the war as a GL. The teaser with Hal on it on the upper right part of this news story also lends credibility to this view.

We’ve seen no post War of the Green Lanterns picture of Kyle Rayner so far. Well, except for cover to the left which is a picture of his mask.

So, looks like Kyle Rayner and Sinestro will be the most changed after War of the Green Lanterns.

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