Flashpoint Creators Tease: Hal Jordan, Lois Lane, Secret 7, Captain Cold, Geoff Johns & More!

DC had its customary Flashpoint Friday two days ago. And, despite three news items, not a lot substantive was released beyond a few more pictures.

The first update from DC was full of whimsy with the various Flashpoint tie-in projects being silly. However, we did get a nice black and white version of the cover to World of Flashpoint 2 by Brett Booth.

In the second update we get a few more teases, but they aren’t that illuminating.

Tony Bedard: EMPEROR AQUAMAN presents a harder, crueler Aquaman than we’ve ever seen. How exactly he ended up like that is one of the great mysteries of the mini-series, but this is a guy who is ready to wipe out the surface world, which is a lot of fun to write because there’s no pulling punches, no holding back.

Peter Milligan: For a start, I’m introducing a totally new character, called Mindwarp. A very different kind of character. And the story answers the question, what does the “M” stand for in Shade The Changing Man’s M-Vest—is it Meta, Madness…or Murderer?….

Adam Schalgman: Abin Sur – The legendary Abin Sur in action. He never died and is busy saving the universe but the threats are more severe than ever before.

J.T. Krul: For me and for fans, we get to see what Dick Grayson would be like if his parents didn’t die on that fateful day. One of the tragic figures in the Batman universe is actually doing okay…..

Scott Snyder: Well, it’s public knowledge that our story is about something called “Project Superman,” and with the cover for issue 1 showing the rocket landing in Metropolis, and the cover for issue 2 showing a boy in a glass cylinder, suffice it to say, this is going to be a very very different Superman story. There’ll be a lot you’ve never seen before – still, at its heart, it’s a story about Kal-El, as Kal-El. The character we all know.

Dan Abnett: Diana as a full on Amazonian warrior, true to her heritage. That’s scary. And Lois Lane at her most resourceful and determined.

Jeff Lemire: Frankenstein vs. Hitler.

Scott Kolins: There’s bunch of stuff in my CITIZEN COLD 3-parter that’s has never been done for COLD or THE ROGUES. Can you imagine COLD being the hero of Central City? What kind of hero would he be? Plus there’s the whole IRIS angle – that’s new and soooo much fun.

Finally, the third update has all the creators indicating that readers’ shouldn’t dismiss Flashpoint as another Elseworlds tale. The end really changes everything for the DCU and will matter and resonate for years to come.

Dan Jurgens: There will be lasting effects.

Adam Schlagman: Wait until you see the end. Oh boy, does it matter. Plus the emotional context will register with all DC fans for all eternity.

Dan Abnett: We can’t talk about that yet. But oh my god…

Jeff Lemire: Because, unlike past events, this one REALLY does change everything.

Rex Ogle: When you take a character and put them in a whole new world with a whole new life, the core of who they are stays the same—but how that different world has changed them, changes how they react to their environment. And as a fan, I’m overjoyed to see some of these new aspects of the heroes (and villains) I love.

As for long lasting effects on the DC Universe, let’s just say at the heart of FLASHPOINT is this very overwhelmingly emotional story (beautifully written by Geoff Johns). And when there’s a story this powerful and intense, yeah, of course there’re going to be some repercussions. Of course I’m not at liberty to say more than that…

Peter Milligan: It’ll allow the reader to consider familiar characters in new ways. And more importantly to be reacquainted with lesser-known characters they may have forgotten about or never been aware of. In other words it will re-populate the DC Universe.