CB’s World: On Christian’s Climb Back to the Top of WWE SmackDown

Last week, I gave my thoughts on Edge’s retirement. Before I discuss today’s business, I just wanted to thank those of you who offered your own heartfelt responses on here for your comments and kind words after what was a very emotional Monday night for Edge and all of his fans.

With that said, it is now time to move forward and take a closer look at the World Heavyweight Championship picture over on SmackDown! that was the main focus on the blue show after Edge vacated the Big Gold Belt in the middle of the ring during his final farewell.

After an interesting and actually eventful 20-man battle royal to decide Alberto Del Rio’s new opponent at Extreme Rules — where Justin Gabriel eliminated fellow Corre member Wade Barrett and Michael Cole sacrificed his weaselly self to take a 619 from Rey Mysterio to get back in the good graces of Jack Swagger — we were left with Christian vs. the All American American as the final two combatants for that coveted title shot.

Christian found a way to get Swagger over the top rope despite Del Rio’s interference, and even though I wasn’t surprised by this outcome, I still found myself to be thoroughly satisfied with the result.

Maybe it’s because Booker T did a solid job on commentary bringing to light the idea (or fact) that Christian has been underrated for years yet he has the desire to win, or perhaps it’s because simple, logical booking actually showed up on a wrestl… — I mean, sports entertainment — program.

While both of those elements certainly contributed to my satisfaction, there is a third ingredient that really did the trick: the best man won.

You see, this victory wasn’t about trying to get the fans who feel emotionally displaced by Edge’s retirement to root for Adam Copeland’s best friend. And regardless of their post-match interaction, it wasn’t about WWE feeling like they were forced into giving Christian the nod because he is nothing more than Edge’s proxy.

Instead, this win was about Christian and Christian alone.

It was about Christian working his ass off for TNA during TNA’s best years, then coming back to WWE and working his way all the way back up through the ranks from ECW when it was on its last legs to the big-time. It was about Christian spending the past few months building up the Edge-Del Rio title match at WrestleMania by working all the matches Edge couldn’t — and even winning some of them — making everyone clamor for a Triple Threat by the time WrestleMania approached.

Simply put, this is about WWE finally pulling the trigger on Christian because he proved — over the course of the past few years and months and weeks and days — that he was the best man for the job.

And we’ll see soon enough — both literally and figuratively — if Christian gets to finish that long and arduous climb to the top…

Around the Pulse

Since this was a SmackDown-centric column, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give shout-outs to Kelly Floyd for reporting on SmackDown! and to M.C. Brown for thinking about it.

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That’s all from me this week — CB.

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