In Stores Now: McFarlane Halo Reach Series 3

Check stores now for the latest assortment of Halo Reach figures from McFarlane Toys.

Halo Reach Series 3 Singles:
-Elite (Special Ops)
-Grunt (Heavy Duty)
-Jun (Noble Team)
-ODST Jetpack Trooper
-Spartan Air Assault – Rose
-Spartan JFO – Rust (Exclusive to Toys R Us)
-Spartan Military Police – Blue
-Spartan Military Police – Brown/Green (Exclusive to Target)
-Spartan Operator – Steel (Exclusive to Gamestop)

Halo Reach Series 3 2-Packs:
-Covenant Airborne (Elite Ultra & Elite Officer)
-Spartan Loadouts (Grenadier & Expert Marksman)
-UNSC Trooper Support (Medic Trooper & Radio Trooper)

Halo Reach Series 3 Vehicle Upgrades:
-Warthog Gauss Cannon Turret with Spartan Operator
-Warthog Rocket Launcher Turret with Spartan JFO

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