10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 04.18.2011 – R-Truth Blew It, Sin Cara, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Nexus, Michael Cole, Dolph Ziggler

Welcome ladies and gents to my 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night RAW!  On this terribly humid day, I will give you my 10 Thoughts on the 04.18.2011 episode of Raw.  Now later this week I will publish my first ever, and by ‘ever’ I do mean EVERRRRRRRRRRR, combination column featuring… well I guess you’ll just have to stop by and see.  But without further distraction, let’s get into it.

1.        The opening segment of Raw seemed kind of awkward between R-Truth and John Morrison.  There appeared to be a lot of dead time where either R-Truth or JoMo missed a cue or a line.  Guys this is why you can’t get heavyweight shots very often.

2.       John Morrison winning makes a lot of sense as the IWC as well as everyone else saw through the ruse of R-Truth being in the match to take the fall, but the heel turn by R-Truth was brilliant!  I really didn’t see it coming and thought they were just going to have R-Truth leaving as an idiot who gave up his one-in-a-lifetime opportunity just as Michelle did earlier on Tough Enough.  The cigarette smoking was a great addition and really made R-Truth even more heelish if the beatdown didn’t do just that.

2a.  The only part of the segment that was better than the heel turn is the audience jumping ship with their ‘That’s illegal’ cheers.  Way to go London, you are now officially the best.

3.       Was I the only one that thought that Dolph Ziggler looked either like Mark Jindrak or himself as Nicky with the shorter darker hair?  I don’t like the new look as his bleach blonde hair made him stand out.  Now he just has the typical Cena/Orton/DiBiase/Rhodes/Jindrak/Masters hair-do.  And new attitude?  Nothing appeared different except he rubbed his head more.

4.       Okay let me go on record as the first to say this… Sin Cara is impressive, but he is also very sloppy.  Seriously he botched the big move on the turnbuckle last week(blame Primo if you want), the double move on Miz/Riley looked bad as it appeared Riley just flipped for the fun of it, AND the moonsault must have hurt when his hand was the only part that hit him.  You know it’s bad when JoMo hits Starship Pain better than you hit your move in a night.

5.       Wait the Draft is next week?  Well that pretty much makes my whole last column null and void.  Ah well I’m excited as I love Draft week.  Surprised it isn’t a 3 Hour Show though.

6.       Sheamus and Santino… this match actually made sense considering the tea party from last year where Santino made a mockery of Sheamus’ pigmentation.  Good to see that Sheamus isn’t being beaten by a Cobra.

7.       As for the Cole/Lawler/Queen/Swagger/JR angle… I’m glad that Cole now has a ‘title.’  This just makes him even more likely to dominate as a manager.  C’mon CAPTAIN Lou Albano, THE GRAND WIZARD, The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, The WEASEL Bobby Heenan, etc.  SIR Michael Cole will only agitate WWE fans even more and garner that much more heat for Mr. Cole.

8.       I don’t know about the rest of you, but I groaned when I heard that they were doing a knighting of SIR Michael Cole.  If it weren’t for the end promo by Cole, I would’ve said the entire segment were for naught.

9.       I thought the CM Punk and Randy Orton match was a great one.  I don’t think it was as great as WrestleMania’s match, but it was pretty close.  I loved how Orton actually BIT Punk’s hand to get out of the triangle choke and then Punk responds by getting vicious.  Great bout between the two and even though Orton won with the schoolboy it looked like Punk had no way to get out unlike weeks past.

10.   The Nexus coming out didn’t surprise me, but how they literally ignored Punk shocked me a bit.  They are beginning to look more and more like Evolution.  Punk is Triple H, the power hungry leader.  Mason Ryan is the powerhouse that wants to break away from Punk’s leadership, McGillicutty is the young and prominent Randy Orton(ironically), and David Otunga is.. Ri… yeah no it stops there.

Altogether tonight was a pretty great show as most of the British Raws are.  Next week is the draft and I’m ready for that but until then…

Thanks for reading! And for you sideshowbob this 10 Thoughts has been absolutely, completely, 100% kid friendly.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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