Green Lantern Corps #59 Cover Revealed – Where Are The Green Lanterns?

DC has been releasing their Green Lantern covers and variants, which let us take a gander at Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan yesterday, but today? Today we get to see all of the Earth born Lanterns….and none of them wear green.

Hal as a Yellow Lantern works after the GL cover reveal, and Guy as a Red Lantern makes sense because he’s been dealing with the Red infection for a bit. Kyle as a Blue Lantern works because he’s always been the dreamer, and to be honest, Indigo or Violet could work just as easily for him. John as an Indigo, however, is as bogus as John being the front runner to stay a GL while Kyle goes to whatever, Indigo is Compassion, not cardboard boring. Also, what part of compassion inclues a Vietnam bandana and a SNIPER RIFLE?!

If they want to do a few issues where all of the Earth Lanterns switch colors it could be interesting, but it does add a new wrinkle to things. If Kyle Rayner winds up not being a Green Lantern at the end, what are the odds he becomes the new leader of the Blue Lanterns? Before Blackest Night they had two Guardians and three members, and since then they’ve been down to just the members, and Saint Walker is hardly a leader. Kyle could provide the name brand shot in the arm to help reinvigorate the Blue Lantern Corps, not to mention that due to the synergy between the Green and Blues (Blue Lanterns needs a Green Lantern present in order to do pretty much anything).

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