The Gold Standard: Top Five Moments Of The Week 4/13/11-4/19/11

It’s been a month probably, but I’m back in my groove! Five moments from this week that made me happy, five moments of awesome!

5. The exchange between Magneto and Dr. Nemesis in Uncanny X-Men #535…..I think I’m going to like Gillen on this book a lot.

4. Remember the big finale of the first issue of Secret Warriors, when Nick Fury realized that Strucker and Hydra had been using him since day one? Well, Nick Fury always wins, as we found out in Secret Warriors #26, I think Baron Strucker said it best.

3. No Bat character wins quite like my beloved Stephanie Brown, check out Batgirl #20 to see why.

2. I don’t know if it’s my hatred of mimes, or love of physical comedy, but I love what Sue did to the mime in Amazing Spider-Man #658

1. It’s been a long time coming, but Booster finally came face to face with Max Lord in Justice League: Generation Lost #23!

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