Body of Proof – Episode 1-6 Review

Even if a procedural isn’t entirely based on new ideas, it still has its recognizable ticks. For Body of Proof, one of them is Megan outright accusing someone at an inappropriate time and drawing ire from the accused and his/her friends/etc. This happens without fail in every episode, and it gets tedious after a while. Part of this stems from the fact that the writers want as much people to know Megan, so these beginning episodes will largely flow around Megan’s central traits–her passion to find the criminal, her guilt over killing someone, and her guilt over losing her daughter.

The case this week is balanced by Ethan and Curtis have their own body this week, and while they don’t solve a crime, they do discover that the twin sister of deceased has the potential to have blood clots, so they kind of save a life.

Score: 8.4/10

Random tidbit: Geoffrey Arend, who plays Ethan, is married to Christina Hendricks, who played the redheaded twin.