Glee – Episode 2-17 Review

When people negatively stereotype Glee, they usually bring up the stunt casting, the lack of direction, and how the songs are the only focus of the show. While I partially agree with comments like these, I also have a “but” to add; Glee is a great show at times, and there have been times when I’ve been thoroughly impressed. But I look at “A Night of Neglect” and wonder, “What the hell?”

I’ll start with Sue, who is, in my opinion, the most outlandish character on the show. Sue is pretty much far-gone, starting the “league of doom” to further combat Will. Without any pretense, she states her goal to destroy him, the glee club, and the students. The writers might try to marginalize her evilness, like the random hospital scene a while back, but the writers always return to the supervillain who attempts to stop the heroes at every turn for no good reason and loses in the end. The major problem, however, is that unlike Sunshine or Holly, Sue can’t be written out because Jane Lynch has gotten so many accolades and is a terrific actress. The only solution is that the writers have to write her character back into realism, and unfortunately, they continue to dig themselves deeper into a hole.

A bigger problem than Sue, though, are all the random subplots which have little relevance. “A Night of Neglect” is filled to the brink with them. Sunshine Corazon returns, sings, is slated to sing later, and never returns; Kurt, Blaine, and Santana have a random confrontation with Karofsky in the hallways.

Even the plot-relevant stuff was done haphazardly. Emma, after doing little this season, pops up to tell Will that Carl wants an annulment. At the end of the episode, Holly gets a job offer like Cleveland. Just like that, Will and Emma are inches from being back on with zero character development to get there. After lots of diva-ing, Rachel decides to be nice for once and let Mercedes have the final song. Does this mean Mercedes will get the spotlight in the future? With Glee, you never know.

Score: 7.0/10