No Chance – The slump between WrestleMania and Extreme Rules with Randy Orton, Sin Cara, and Mason Ryan

Welcome to No Chance. This is Joel Leonard, and I’ve notices something as of late. It seems that the time between WrestleMania and Extreme Rules is a difficult time for the WWE. I don’t know why but this is the time of the year that they seem to struggle creatively. And this year looks to be no different. Just like last year, a large chunk of Extreme Rules looks like it’s going to be eerily similar to the WrestleMania card. Cena and Miz are fighting again with a third person. Alberto Del Rio is still the number one contender for the Smackdown championship (and if he hadn’t been forced to retire, Edge would be defending it again.) And now, with Nexus back, like they had never left, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see Randy fighting CM Punk again. Pretty much the same PPV only this time with ladders and tables.

I hope that the fact that the draft next week will help shake some things up. But how much will it help? Those with belts will most likely stay where they are, as will the #1 contenders for those belts. Now that R-Truth is a heel he will probably need to stay and see out the feud that he is going to have on Raw. How many top guys are there left? Last year saw both Edge and Jericho move from Smackdown to Raw. Are there any names of that size that might get moved next week?

I could see the Punk and Orton feud ending with a Draft trade, but what might that mean for Nexus as a unit. If Punk goes would Nexus follow? Can Smackdown handle both Nexus and the Corre? Does that even matter now that the Corre seems to be on the verge of breaking up? Maybe a Corre member or two gets moved to further that breakup? Can the Draft split the Tag Team champions? They say that nobody is safe, but could that even happen?

Also from Monday’s Raw:

This Raw marks the third week that we’ve seen Sin Cara in action, and I have to say that I’m still not totally impressed by the guy.  While he could possibly have the greatest highlight reel of anybody working in the WWE right now, everything that happens in between the impressive moves seems somewhat boring. I suppose it doesn’t help that Cena ran in and took a large chunk of his ring time this week, but still, the impression of “the next great superstar” that all of his videos have shown, isn’t there yet. And without the ability to talk, Sin Cara needs to be that much more impressive and memorable when it comes to his in ring performance.

Punk and Orton had a near PPV worthy match this week and though I feel like I should be getting tired of seeing the same match over and over, these guys Still manage to make each match one worth watching. I can even forgive the somewhat lackluster ending just because it was clear that Nexus was about to come out and further some story. On that note, can I just say, that Mason Ryan is fast becoming my favorite member of Nexus? It’s a shame that even though Otunga has been in the group for close to a year now (and the only surviving original member) he still can’t break out of his bland character, while the new guy is far more interesting to watch right now.

Unrelated side thought of the day:

Every episode has its lulls and, when extended stretches of time happen without anything worthwhile going on in the ring, I start to look outside the ring. My friends and I have developed a game called WWE Universe for when the show starts to drag, you too can play this at home.  You get, one point for each find, and the player with the most points at the end of the night wins. Take a look at the audience for the following things:

  1. Multi fan posters: Most posters are held up by one guy but some fans bring huge posters that require more help. Separate posters that work together also count (three individual H signs held by three people)
  2. Asking for a marriage: These are everywhere. Any poster that asks any superstar to marry the fan.
  3. Wrong Show: Any poster for a Smackdown star appearing in a Raw audience gets this point and vice versa if you are watching on Friday. Doesn’t matter if the superstar appears or not.
  4. Internet Meme: Some posters have nothing to do with wrestling at all. Any poster that is more concerned with the latest Internet sensation than what’s happening in the ring works here.
  5. Dashed hopes: You have to wait for the end of the show to get this point. If you can spot some attire or a poster proclaiming adoration for a wrestler, and then the wrestler doesn’t appear on that episode, then you get this point.
  6. Out of date fan: WWE superstars tend to change outfits faster than fans can buy them. So Orange Cena shirts, or Scrabble tile Nexus shirts as well as plenty of other outfits no longer worn in the ring will get you this point.
  7. NWO Shirt: They’re harder to find but if you look hard enough you can still see a fan from time to time with this shirt. Careful though, there is also an RKO shirt out there with a similar font.
  8. Just-Cause Fan: This is the guy who is cheering heels or booing faces. Anybody who is wearing a Nexus shirt, or cheers when The Miz comes out gets you this point. (Note: Cena Sucks chants don’t count here)
  9. Bathroom break: See if, during a match, anybody is going up the stairs, maybe for a bathroom break or to get some more snacks. I suggest looking for this one during a diva match.
  10. The number 3:16: It helps if Stone Cold is going to be on an episode, but usually if he isn’t fans will just throw in another name. Any appearance of the number 3:16 works here.

But it doesn’t have to stop there, Pick you own things to look for, or just say random things down in the comments below.


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