Spoiler Warnings: How Do The Earth Lanterns Fight Back In Green Lantern #65 By Geoff Johns?

Without the use of their rings due to the impurity and what it did to them, the Earth Lantern’s reconvene on Oa with no powers and an army out for their blood in the air above them. Hal tells them about the other New Guardians being pulled into the Book of the Black, and shows that he still has their rings.

Hal takes Yellow, because he’s wielded it before and he has experience with fear due to Parallax.

Guy chose Red because he knows rage like Hal knows fear, not to mention he doesn’t want to wear the pink thong of the Star Sapphires.

Kyle went Blue because he knows that he has hope.

John went for Orange but Hal said no dice and gave him Indigo, telling John he’s compassionate. Right.

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