Murtz’s Reality Rocks 2011 LIVE Coverage: Exclusive Interview With Shark Tank‘s Mark Cuban & Daymond John

One of my favorite reality shows on right now is ABC’s Shark Tank and the addition of Mark Cuban has reinvigorated the franchise and given it new life. I especially enjoy the dynamic between Mark & Daymond. Neither shark has a problem with calling a spade a spade and their honesty is honestly what makes the show what it is.

Mark Cuban has also had a strong online presence and I remember his first show, The Benefactor which was also interesting to watch. During that time, Cuban allowed viewers to email him through his website and I remember he responded to one of mine which really increased my respect for him.

I was very excited to catch up with Cuban and John at Reality Rocks and asked them what the worst idea was that they were ever pitched on the show.

Check it out!

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