Review: War Of The Green Lanterns – Green Lantern Corps #59 By Tony Bedard And Tyler Kirkham

Green Lantern Corps #59

Written by Tony Bedard

Art by Tyler Kirkham and Batt


Green Lantern this week may have felt like all the dominoes were getting put into place, but this issue picks up on the topple effect created by our four Earth born Green Lanterns taking on the colors of the other Corps. Yes, a spoiler, except for that it’s the cover of this issue, so yes, it will come up. A lot. This issue gets both us, and the characters, accustomed to their new powers, while also providing a rescue operation for the other member of the cast of Green Lantern Corps, the former Guardian known as Ganthet. Ganthet who we last saw with the GLC coming down on him, so yes, there is a nice amount of actual action in this issue to make up for the lack of anything direct in GL this week.

When last we saw our heroes they were dressing in the colors of the other Corps, and as Hal is quick to point out he and Guy have experience with the other rings, but Kyle and John haven’t wielded other rings before. What follows is a brief sequence of John trying and failing to use his ring, because while he understands that the Indigo light can channel the other spectrums, he tries to force feelings like rage and compassion by using his willpower. See the mistake there? On top of that, Kyle winds up only slightly more useful with the blue ring than Hal was, along with revealing that he chose the Blue light because Ganthet said Kyle was his biggest hope. Ganthet’s hope, not because Kyle had hope. Brilliant. Kyle has seen a definite character regression in this arc, and in this issue, which is a shame because Bedard had been doing a nice job with him.

The issue is narrated by John, and I have to say it, and I’ve said it before, but I hate the “I’m a soldier” take on John that’s cropped up since Rebirth. I don’t hate that they went that way, I hate that they’ve erased so much else to accomadate something with a timeline that just doesn’t make sense to me. If he was in Iraq in 2003, then when did he get his ring, when was the first Crisis, when was Emerald Twilight, when was he the leader of the Darkstars, and how long was he in the wheel chair for? Better yet, how long was Kyle’s tenure as a Green Lantern if John hadn’t had his eight years ago? Alright, tangent over, but John is in full soldier mode for the issue from talking about insurgents to thinking of Ganthet as leaving a man behind. Honestly, the best part about his narration is that there isn’t much of it, because the bad part is that…he’s boring.

Ganthet is a bad ass. Some people would be all freaked out and useless after having their hand blown off, but our favorite Guardian? He takes on the Green Lantern Corps! With one hand and Guardian powers! He provides the majority of the action for the issue as he holds off countless Lanterns as the rest of our crew tries to figure out how to use their new weapons, and when they do eventuall get together he drops a few hints about Kyle and John and their chances at making it. That Kyle is not yet ready to channel the Blue light, while John is “most ill-suited” for the Indigo light…so much for Hal saying John is compassionate. The fight completely changes at the end, setting up for potential insanity in Emerald Warriors.

Tyler Kirkham blows this issue out of the water, both with his design work on Kyle and John, as well as the complete epic feel of Ganthet’s fight. I had hated John’s look at first, from Aaron Lopreti’s cover mainly, it’s like marine meets hippy with a purple flair. Now, having seen it in action….I don’t hate it quite so much. I like that his Indigo Tribe staff double as a rifle, as that does fit the motif, and the glowing camo is kinda cool, but the headband kills it for me. Other then that, all I have is good things to say, as this is a great looking book. The double page spreads are especially awesome, as Kirkham goes ahead and pulls a Perez by not only cramming as many people as he can on to a page at times, but he does so successfully. After seeing this issue I’d love to see him tackle an event, there’s just something I’m seeing here that I really like.

There’s a lot about this issue that I like, and after reading GL this week, I have to say that I much prefer this part of the War of the Green Lanterns; a lot more happens, my want for action is relatively satiated, and I want to know what happens next more because I’m interested in the story than I’m drawn in by the last page cliffhanger. This issue marked the halfway point of the crossover, and it’s so far so good. There’s a lot to like in this issue, and Tony Bedard does a great job raising the stakes and making the issue feel like anything can happen. Also, bad ass one handed Ganthet. That alone is a selling point.




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