Richmond 13.12 (90) def by Collingwood 24.17 (161)
            Another day, another Collingwood win.

Hawthorn 10.12 (72) def West Coast 9.11 (65)
            Not a good game.

Carlton 11.13 (79) drew with Essendon 11.13 (79)
            Another draw! In an era where one draw a season is amazing, we’ve had three in four rounds! An even season, to be sure.

Sydney 7.12 (54) def by Geelong 11.15 (81)
            Writing the Cats off this season may be a mistake after an impressive away win.

Port Adelaide 14.14 (98) def Adelaide 9.12 (66)
            A come from way behind win, Port’s first for the year, in what was a pretty good match. Neither team, however, is looking particularly strong this year.

Gold Coast 9.15 (69) def by Melbourne 23.21 (159)
            Despite the absolute hammering, Gold Coast won their first quarter for the year. It’s a learning process for the new club.

Fremantle 18.19 (127) def North Melbourne 14.14 (98)
            And the team that had the bye the week before loses again. Mind you, Fremantle look like being a dark horse this year.

Bye: St Kilda, Brisbane, Western Bulldogs


* In ‘football fans are also morons’ news, Hawthorn’s Lance Franklin was racially abused on the weekend. We might not have the thug mentality of soccer hooligans the world over, but there is something low about the group IQ when it comes to football and men.

* Gary Ablett Jr has been pillories by the Melbourne media for not going back to the Gold Coast with his team mates because of media commitments, and then missing a match with a sore ankle. They want, want, want from these blokes, and then, when something happens they don’t like, they just jump on them. There are times when the media can get stuffed.

SANFL Round 3

Woodville-West Torrens 5.7 (37) def by Sturt 13.17 (95)

Norwood 8.7 (55) def by Glenelg 10.16 (76)
            Good game this one.

Central District 25.10 (160) def South Adelaide 13.5 (83)
            Well, last week’s triumph didn’t last long for South… and last week’s loss looks to have been just a wake-up call for Centrals. Life returns to normal.

North Adelaide 15.9 (99) def Port Adelaide 10.11 (71)
            North did make it look easy.

Bye: West Adelaide

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