10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 4.21.2011 — Ted DiBiase, Natalya, Tyler Reks

1. Well, we’re officially online. Zack Ryder tweeted that his Z! True Long Island Story received more views than NXT and Superstars combined. I have to wonder if this is the best way to spend their time…I’d hate to see it go, but WGN canceling the series gave them an excuse to pull the plug on the whole mess.

2. “Look at JTG’s rapport with the younger members…” Is that really a good thing?

3. A plug for the draft for the “commercial break” makes me realize…I don’t really care. It sounds bad, but when was the last time we were really shocked or entertained by a change?

4. No! I do not want to see Edge’s goodbye video anymore. It’s still a kick in the crotch.

5. Apparently Alberto del Rio is throwing a “Retirement Party” for Edge on Smackdown? That is absolutely dripping with promise…

6. So. Natalya, one of the few Divas that are still watchable, is facing Maryse on a streamed episode of Superstars. No, I’m serious! Remember when she was the champion? Yeah, me neither.

7. Speaking of Maryse, she always looks like she’s about to faint when she’s in the ring. I like her sassy aggression, but her offense was a nothing-special display of blandness. And all of her French-Canadian shouting was a bit distracting which, who knows, might have been a good thing.

8. JoMo and Troofus are no longer BFF’s? That’s cute.

9. I really, really, really don’t understand the whole Mark Henry thing. His strength is impressive…the first time, and maybe two other times after. But come on. Dude can’t move!

10. Random Thought of the Week: Another topic to discuss…what does everyone see for the future of the WWE? Superstars and NXT have moved online, Raw is…there. And Smackdown is still thriving. But doesn’t it seem to be in a downward spiral in recent months?

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