Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 04.21.2011 – Ted DiBiase, Tyler Reks, Maryse

Welcome to another recap of WWE Superstars on wwe.com, lets get down to it!

Tyler Reks vs JTG
Tyler Reks crouches in the corner to start the match with a maniacal grin on his face, the bell rings and we’re underway. Tyler reks comes in hot and JTG uses Reks’ momentum against him so its JTG with the early advantage. Reks becomes aggravated so the two break and start pacing the ring. They grapple once again with JTG getting the advantage until Reks push JTG in the corner and starts pummeling the guy. The ref breaks them up and JTG throws Reks in the corner and hits a few face shots to Reks’ midsection and they come back to the middle of the ring. JTG hits the slam and Reks botches falling out of the ring. Reks is beside himself in anger and paces the floor as the ref starts counting. Reks gets up on the apron and pokes his head through the ropes and JTG promptly kicks it. JTG then walks Reks over to the turnbuckle and throws his head against it said turnbuckle. JTG looks like he goes for the same move but Reks jumps back down on the floor as the ref counts once again. Reks climbs up and slowly gets in the ring, this time undisturbed. Reks lands a low kick and gets a few shots to JTG’s back before hitting a bodyslam. Reks looks really winded tonight and is actually smack-talking. Reks lifts up JTG but JTG flips out of it and lands on his feet and its JTG who’s back in control of the match. JTG goes for an Irish Whip but it gets reversed and JTG is the one heading into the corner. JTG stops himself and tries to leapfrog Reks but Tyler catches the feet of JTG and drops the guy on his face. Reks begins stomping on JTG’s chest and then goes for a submission but JTG gets out of it but gets dropped on his face once again. Reks gets another submission and I just noticed Reks’ fingernails are painted black. JTG gets out of the submission and is thrown into the ropes but JTG catches them and pulls them down as Tyler Reks goes flying over to find himself, once again, outside the ring. JTG uses the ropes to fling himself at Reks but thinks better of it and lands on the apron but Reks takes the opportunity to take JTG’s feet out from under him. Both men are laying outside the ring as the ref starts the count but apparently that’s no biggie because we’re headed to a “commercial” which is a promo for the Draft.
And we’re back with Tyler Reks stomping on JTG in the corner. JTG goes for a rollup pin but barely gets two but does get Reks’ boot in his face. Reks places JTG upsidedown in the corner and kicks him a few times. Reks backs up and runs at him but JTG manages to drop himself so Reks is only met by turnbuckle. JTG goes for another rollup pin but only gets two. JTG backs up into the corner as Reks runs at him again and once again misses and JTG goes for yet another rollup but it was not meant to be. Both men get up and JTG is dropped by a clothesline. JTG rolls under the ropes while Reks reaches over to grab him but instead gets his arm pulled as JTG attempts to hyperextend it. JTG gets momentum going his way with a few face-paced maneuvers. JTG jumps on Reks but is caught. Reks goes for a powerbomb but JTG turns it into a weird DDT. JTG goes for the pin but only for two. JTG pulls Reks up but Reks locks arms so they are back-to-back as Reks attempts to, I guess, pull JTG on his back but the entire thing looks really awkward. Seeing as how that didn’t work, Reks then just pushes JTG into the corner. Reks then hits the Burning Hammer and gets the pin.
Winner: Tyler Reks

We now relive Edge saying goodbye and giving up the title and then a promo for Del Rio’s retirement party for Edge.

We then get to watch the trailer for Randy Orton’s new movie and a promo for the next episode of Tough Enough.

Maryse vs Natalya
The ladies lockup and Maryse gets Natalya in the corner but Natalya has momentum going her way. Natalya looks like she’s going for the Sharpshooter but Maryse kicks Natalya into the ring post and then Maryse throws Natalya’s head into the mat. Maryse tries to pin Natalya several times but doesn’t realize that Natalya is too close to the ropes. Maryse still takes control of things with a headlock while yelling at the ref to shut up and leave but Natalya starts lifting Maryse onto her back and then drops her. Maryse picks up Natalya but Natalya counters and takes control with a powerslam. Maryse backs into a corner and Natalya attacks. The ref breaks them up and Natalya starts yelling at the ref which Maryse uses to her advantage and hits Natalya in the face and throws her into the corner. Maryse hits the DDT and gets the pin.
Winner: Maryse

We get a promo for the newest DX DVD.

We now get to rewatch the R-Truth and John Morrison shenanigans.

Mark Henry vs Ted DiBiase
The match starts with DiBiase cowering out of the ring but eventually returns to lockup with Henry which DiBiase obviously loses and rolls back out. Ted comes back in and jumps on Henry’s neck but is taken down. DiBiase lands a slam on the face but Henry blacks the next one and take over from there with a big closeline. DiBiase tries to make a comeback but he’s met with another clothesline. Henry tries to sit on DiBiase but Ted rolls out of the way and hits a dropkick to the sitting Mark Henry. DiBiase goes for the pin but gets thrown off. Ted does his best to get Henry off his feet but is thrown out of the ring and we get commercials.

We come back to Ted DiBiase stomping on Mark Henry and is firmly in control. Ted DiBiase stands on Henry but Henry lifts Ted out of the ring. Ted manages to get back in and kicks Henry in the back. Ted tries a few more hits but Henry just gets up and shakes them off. Henry whips Ted into the corner and Ted responds by hitting a chop block. Ted then targets that same leg of Mark Henry. Mark Henry manages to swat away DiBiase but Ted is quick to get back up and tries to pick up Henry but Mark throws Ted into the corner. Henry hobbles over and Ted kicks his legs out from under him. Ted pulls Mark into the middle of the ring and goes for a pin but only gets two. Ted kicks the same leg a couple times before turning to the crowd. Ted bring Henry back to his feet and gets a few shots in but Henry blocks one and gets hits a headbutt and a series of clotheslines. Ted scrambles to the corner as Mark tries to run at him but only hobbles as Ted hits Henry’s leg again. Ted climbs up to the 2nd rope and leaps but Henry catches him and hits the World Strongest Slam and gets the pin.
Winner: Mark Henry

Fun as always, thanks for dropping by and see you next week!

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