10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 04.21.2011 – Sting, Matt Hardy, RVD, Beer Money, Kurt Angle

Reviewing the 4/21/11 episode of TNA…

1. Excellent video package on TNA Lockdown from last Sunday. While the event itself may not have quite added up to what it appeared to be in TNA’s video package, they showed highlights from the last three matches on the card interspersed with comments from the TNA superstars and made the event seem even bigger and better. That’s what needs to happen especially when trying to attract more fans and viewers to the product.

2. Considering TNA derailed the babyface push and massive ovations the Pope was getting as a face, hopefully they keep Beer Money as babyfaces for a while. Beer Money seems to get some of the best crowd reactions in the company. TNA can not deny or hide that fact. All you need to do is just watch Beer Money in action. It’s great to see. It also elevates any match they’re in. If facing Beer Money can help make a match vs. Rob Terry and Murphy seem bigger and better because of that fan intensity, then those are exactly the type of babyfaces you want to build your company around. So when I see the Beer Money victory celebration with massive crowd response cut short because of a silly horse and carriage segment with the Jarretts that cheeses me off. That could have been a little more brief in order to give more room to Beer Money. Beer Money and AJ Styles both got huge ovations during the show.

3. TNA has turned what was a somewhat cluttered title situation into an interesting storyline right now with Hogan at RVD’s throat, Sting showing respect to Rob by giving him a title match at Sacrifice and Hogan retaliating against Sting and the Network by placing each against Immortal antagonists Abyss and Matt Hardy. The exchange between all three was compelling and made for good TV. Especially the Hulk and RVD exchange before Sting came out.

4. Eric Young as usual is comedy gold on TNA television. His segment with Kurt Angle and the horses was hysterical. If you listen closely you can always catch great references in Eric’s lunatic rants like naming the horses Mongo & Sid, referencing Steve Mongo McMichael and Psycho Sid as his favorite horsemen(“Greatest of all time”) and alluding to the beans as if they were as potent as the “juice”, sneaking a Scotty Steiner reference in, too. Hopefully TNA can always keep EY relevant on TNA television so they can take advantage of his wit and sense of humor.

5. How does Madison Rayne keep her voice? Always screaming and yelling, this time at Tara after her loss to the TNA Knockouts champions Sarita and Rosita, Mexican America. The break up is not official but between the backstage segment and post match reaction, it is looking like Tara and Madison are heading towards an inevitable confrontation. A couple of things disappointed me about this Knockouts match, tho. I missed Sarita’s  Carlos Santana-like entrance music. It’s a shame it’s been replaced by Hernandez’s LAX theme. The finish was also another very sloppy ending, further deleting some of the Knockouts credibility they used to own. TNA has to tighten up that ship when it comes to Knockouts action, especially when it comes to finishes and Knockouts being in the right place when it is time to go home. I’ve been disappointed by the decline of crispness when it comes to the division’s once solid in ring roster.

6. Scott Steiner turned heel apparently taking offense to Matt Morgan’s claim to wanting to be next in line for a title shot. I guess it falls in line with Scott’s unpredictable nature and gives something for Matt to do until he can be plugged back in the title hunt.

7. TNA continues to build up stars which is something that other high profile promotions can take a page from. Crimson, in incredible shape, came down to save RVD from an Abyss and Hogan attack, looks on the cusp of a program with the monster Abyss. Abyss who had his teeth knocked in from an RVD kick during their one on one match will tough it out and from what I hear won’t miss much ring time, if at all. Which is a good thing for Crimson. The other star being built up is Gunner who not only came out to interfere for Jarrett at the Lockdown PPV, but he came out to help Bully Ray when Daniels threw Ray into the ring to face the revenge-minded AJ Styles at the top of the program. Gunner also came out during the main event to hit Sting in the back of his leg with a pipe. Allowing both Crimson and Gunner to be a part of some big main event segments involving the Main Event players for Sacrifice as well as rubbing shoulders with Immortal can be nothing but a good thing for both men’s careers.

8. Lines of the Night:

a. To Eric Young who is feeding the Jarretts’ horses beans from a bucket

Kurt Angle-“Bro bro bro, hoa whoa whoa, you feed them beans they’re going to shit<bleeped> all over the place.”

b. Taz-“Jeff Jarrett in that…he’s got his white suit on. It looks like he’s going to sell ice cream or fried chicken.”

c. Scott Steiner to Matt Morgan regarding his claim to being the DNA of TNA

Poppa Pump-“If I had your genetics, I’d shoot myself. No, no, I take that back. I’d kill myself. Then, I’d hang myself.”

9. Match of the Night:

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match

Sting (c) vs. Cold Blooded Matt Hardy

After Gunner’s attack on Sting, Matt Hardy stayed ferocious on Sting’s leg and actually had one of his best matches since entering TNA. While not a marathon, this match was solid and entertaining from the get-go. While they didn’t have too much competition as far as in-ring action this week, Sting and Hardy did deliver their end of the program with a clean ending, hard fought main event that ended with Sting giving Hardy the Scorpion Death Drop. Hardy earlier gave a promo examining Jeff’s old custom belt and even came out wearing the Enigma’s belt. There may be some dissension when Jeff returns, though as Matt alluded to Jeff not being cold blooded enough to take out Sting. Sting also praised Jeff Hardy as being one of the all time greatest. High praise coming from the icon and Sting basically endorsing Jeff’s return to the company if and when he’s ready from his ever present issues. Sounds definitely like Jeff will be a face when/if he returns. Using Jeff as a focus of sorts was smart and helped give story to the match. Mr. Anderson came out after the match to Mic Check both Sting and Matt Hardy to piss off Sting and Immortal.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

Actually a lot better show than I thought it would be. Abyss had his mouth busted open bad by RVD which was pretty sick that he continued without skipping a beat. Give the big man credit. Miss Tessmacher returned to TNA with a brief promo announcing she is coming for all the bitches. Hopefully she really has been training as TNA is in bad need of some talented in ring Knockouts. Velvet stated that she hasn’t gone to the police as she wants to take care of Winter personally, but it seems her bigger issue is dealing with the brainwashed Angelina as she has been kicking her ass at every turn. This should lead to a match at Sacrifice. The feud has logged a lot of TV time so it is natural to assume so. Plus, it might give Mickie James the much needed PPV off to recover. Sting vs. RVD is the current Main Event at Sacrifice. Where Mr. Anderson fits in may become clear next week. Perhaps Matt Hardy will step up to challenge Mr. Anderson for a #1 Contender’s Match. Could be a sleeper of a match if Hardy continues to improve and Anderson stays at the top of the TNA title hunt. Kurt Angle dropped horse manure on Karen Jarrett during her coronation to be Queen of the Mountain and after Angle Slamming Jeff on the coronation chair threatened Karen with a new professional relationship only “Mrs. Angle” who will do his dirty work and take out Karen. ODB? Roxxi? Alissa Flash? All three are tough Knockouts and should scare the beejeezus out of Karen if she had to face any of them. Any or all of them would help the in-ring workrate of the other knockouts, too in terms of solid hands and intensity.

Show MVP:


Again, Sting came out carrying the company with star power, presence and actually had a very solid match with Matt Hardy.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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