10 Thoughts On Who Should Switch Brands At The WWE Draft

It’s Draft time again, but this year, it doesn’t seem as exciting as years past. Usually we are all burnt out at the top programs on each show, that we want these changes. Truth is, right now the top program on SD features 2 brand new Main Eventers, and Raw has The Miz, who continues to shine as WWE Champion, no matter who he faces. Yes, Miz vs. Cena & Miz vs. Orton is getting old pretty fast, but I don’t see Orton or Cena hoisting up the blue flag. You never know what your going to get with Champions changing brands, and I could see Miz & Alberto Del Rio swap (does that spoil my Extreme Rules pick?), but again, with these 2 still so new in the Main Event, it would not accomplish as much as it would if it was, let’s say, World Champion Edge being traded for WWE Champion John Cena.

So, my look at this draft is a bit different, as I do not think any major names will change. So, here are my 10 thoughts on who will swap brands tonight.

Top 5 Draft Picks:

1. Cody Rhodes (From SD to Raw): I think this is the only sure bet tonight. Cody has been, surprisingly, the best thing to come from the Legacy break-up of a year ago. This ‘Dashing’ gimmick was WAY over and his evolution into what he is now is the best character evolution WWE has done in years.

2. Sheamus (From Raw to SD): The US Champion moves to SD for one reason, and one reason only, to replace Edge. Sure, he will flounder around in the mid-card a bit until he drops the US, but this will be his time.

3. Ezekiel Jackson (From SD to Raw): This is actually a shot in the dark for me. How many times will this guy change brands? My biggest reason for this move is that I think he will be taking the IC off of Wade over the next week and bring it with him to Raw to counter Sheamus bringing the US to SD.

4. Daniel Bryan (From Raw to SD): Bryan is made for SD. A move will distance him from the clogged upper card of Raw, and move him in the position to be a main event player on SD by years end.

5. John Morrison (From Raw to SD): One year ago, I thought Morrison’s move to Raw was a sign of what was to come from him. It safe to say that we all have been sorely disappointed in what he did, however it is at the expense of The Miz being pushed to where he is now. Similar to Bryan, I can this finally being his breakout year, and a hot shot feud with new champion, Del Rio will help that.

Top 5 Supplemental Draft Picks:

1. Ted Dibiase (From Raw to SD): Seeing what a year on SD did for Rhodes, I want to see the same from Dibiase.

2. Tyler Reks (From SD to Raw): I don’t know what I see in this guy, but I think some time on Raw will do him good. Pulling Sheamus off the show will give him a bit of space to be the next big guy.

3. Gail Kim (From Raw to SD): SD has the wrestling women, plain & simple.

4. Drew McIntyre (From SD from Raw): His Kelly Kelly storyline puttered out, but I think he has a lot of in ring talent. A mini-feud with Orton, Cena or Punk could really help him.

5. Zach Ryder (From Raw to SD): Aside from Rhodes to Raw, I think this has to happen the most. Zach Ryder’s character is out of this world, his in ring world is better then average, and I think he is ready to break out. A run on SD can do wonders for him.

The one thing I had a hard time with was moving wrestlers from SD to Raw. The SD roster is a very good roster, with one or two holes at the top, and some at the mid-card. Since Raw usually has 2 top tier programs going (Miz/Cena & Orton/Punk right now), it is difficult to see where they need some help.

Enjoy the Draft tonight kiddies, let’s hope they don’t do the same old tired ‘Raw vs. SD match, winner gets a pick’ theme…but they will.

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