Zuffa’s Buyout Of Strikeforce Ends Prospect Of Dave Batista Starting MMA

A surprise casualty of Zuffa’s buyout of Strikeforce is “The Animal” Dave Batista. The former WWE superstar had long been talking about a possible move into MMA with Strikeforce and had even started training with Cesar Gracie’s camp. Talking to TMZ he said that there was a deal on the table before but that it was no longer going ahead due to the buyout and seemingly implied that this was it for his MMA prospects; responding to a question about possibly fighting for other promotions he only said that he had his heart set on fighting for Strikeforce. This would make sense as its unlikely Zuffa would be willing to consider what is a pure freakshow fight while no other promoter seems to have the resources to make the type of offer that Batista wants.

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