Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-19 Review

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great Easter break! Last night’s episode of the seventh season of Desperate Housewives (episode 19) maintained the strong form that the show’s been having in the past couple of episodes.

Spoiler-free zone:

All storylines more or less resumed from where they left off last week. 90% of those stories provided some laughs as well as some plot-unfolding. All in all, last night was thoroughly entertaining without the use of any filler storylines.


Spoiler zone:

The story that clearly stood out for me was Bree’s and Gaby’s. It had everything: from humor and sexually suggestive dialogue to drama and major storyline development. Every single segment had its charm. I giggled uncontrollably in Bree’s and Gaby’s first little gathering (Bree saying “I know how you like it” is arguably the funniest thing said in the season) and the little twist at the end made for an exciting build-up for next week. Eva Longoria (acting-wise) was such a joy and Marcia Cross was so much fun as well. Kudos to the writers for breaking up the usual formula and having some fun with the characters.

Speaking of fun, Susan got tons of it this week. The sex dreams provided some uplifting comedy compared to the heavy stuff she’s been handling lately. As for Paul and his misery, I really think he isn’t faking anything. Since the season had two villains (Paul and Felicia), I think it was important to have one of them be the lesser of two evils so the audience can route for a team. As for Felicia’s bit, I am pleasantly surprised by the McCluskey twist. Felicia is becoming very tactical which I love, but I’m sure her plan will be put into action during the two-hour season finale.  By the way, it’s funny how Paul slightly resembles Dave Williams (from season 5) since like him he came for revenge and ended up losing his wife which emotionally drained him. However, unlike Dave, I don’t think he has any strength to maintain his grudge against Wisteria Lane.

Lynette’s storyline was quite entertaining as well. What I liked most about it is that finally Lynette was the irrational one in the relationship. She still has that repressed business woman inside her and it may add some friction to the marriage. On the other hand, it could just provide more of the same, which might be easier and more fun to watch yet much less engaging.

Summing up, this episode was so much fun to watch and it just proves that a show like this doesn’t need to rely on major plot twists or heavy drama to create an entertaining Sunday night. While Bree and Gaby were kind of in their own sitcom bubble, their storyline is definitely one of my favorites form the entire show.

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