Kue’s Korner: Close the Window, There’s a Draft! (WWE, TNA)

Well, good day to you, lads and laddies. Welcome to the abode known as Kue’s Korner. I’m your decorated and dressed columnist, Jonah Kue, and we’re rolling off the repercussions of the 2011 WWE Draft. But before we get to that, it’s been a rather ethically challenging time for the Knockouts division in TNA. I would simply like to show my appreciation to Dixie Carter and friends for pushing the envelope for the sake or moral clarity. So, Madison Rayne, kudos for the running over HARDCORE COUNTRY with your motorcycle, as it clearly gave her enough drive to become the Knockouts Champion in a three second match. And Angeline Love, you’ve shown that a true friend will accept the drugging and sexual abuse from their friends. That’s just love. So, to sum it up, attempted vehicular homicide produces motivation, and rape is wrong, unless of course it’s between two women. Glad that ambiguity is cleared up. Time to whore.

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Jonah’s Jumpstart

Like a trip to Disney World booked only to find when you get there that the tickets are fraudulent, this year’s draft had my hopes up, only to let them fall faster than my TiVo frame rate while going through Angle/Jarrett segments. With Cena and Orton going over to Smackdown to join Kingston and company, while Raw became home to Del Rio, who joined Miz, Punk, and Morrison, it seemed as if the shows were being categorized based on the viewing audience being ‘smarks” and “marks”, respectively. However, it was too good to be true, as ‘E would eventually move their poster child back to the A show. Can they be blamed for that? Not at all. It simply makes sense to have their top star on their top show. Orton, with Christian’s help, can more than carry the blue brand on his back. And without him or Cena on Raw, the top face slot would vacant, and truthfully, no one else is ready to take that spot just yet.

Still, the draft did its job of promising new feuds on the horizon. And if you adhere to Kue’s philosophy of booking, a good feud can evolve a wrestler’s character into a superstar. So, what potentials do we have on the horizon? Here are a few that I’d like to see.

Cena vs. Del Rio

The Latin sensation (for once, not referring to Ricky) has proven than he can carry an average wrestler (the current day Rey Mysterio) to a great one. And though CM Punk he isn’t, he can definitely carry Cena through some good feuds and decent matches, especially if it is Del Rio’s destiny to become the new face of the WWE. What better way to fit that description than to take out the current face of said company?

Punk/Truth combo

After Truth’s promo this Monday, I have renewed faith in his ability to carry his current heel character. And honestly, hearing these two cut promos about “faith” and “truth” would be phenomenal. IWC, hold your skepticism of heel Truth until proper time has passed. I have a feeling the kid has the potential to make a….Killing. Real Kwik. (I win).

Miz/Morrison Title Feud

This has to happen. Not only is the fanboy in me clamoring for it, but with Cena and Orton failing to take the strap off of the Awesome One, who would be more fitting and feel more like a justifiable challenger to actually get the job done than the other half of the Palace of Wisdom? To read more on the rationale behind this, go back to the first Kue’s Korner and get enlightened.

Total Nonstop Articulation

Not in complete belief that I’m going to say this, but I was thoroughly entertained by an angle involving Bully Ray. Obviously, this is more because of the involvement of AJ and Daniels, but the angle, and the crowd response to it, was fantastic. I hope this builds to a title push for AJ, as that would be one of the things to help get TNA out of the rut that Hogan/Russo have brought it to.

To be honest, I’m clinging to my optimism for TNA here. Styles and Joe are the only two who can lead a positive change in the company, and one is in a feud with rucking Bully Ray while the other is, once again, not on TV. And you think it’s frustrating not seeing Zack Ryder on Raw? The first segment of Impact was basically the high point of the show. And, as the cliché goes, it all went downhill from there. For the sake of some form of competitive business for ‘E, I hope the movers and shakers of TNA will base their programming on the crowd reaction.

So, guys in Orlando, did you get that? More Styles and Joe, less date rapes and horse spit crown.

Blue Streak

There really isn’t much to say, folks. This was filler week for the ‘E, and SmackDown was not one to break that particular pattern. There was more promo gold from Mr. Rhodes. I like the touch of his wanting to be drafted. It just adds more desperation to his character. This kid is fantastic, and the incredible thing is, his peak is far from being reached.

The Del Rio/Christian feud has been favoring Capt. Charisma thus far, which makes me think Del Rio is taking home the gold, come the PPV. Though that should be the end product, I would like to see Christian get his deserved title run, as brief as it would be. Of course, after the draft, everything is up in the air….

If you didn’t catch the Drew McIntyre/Chris Masters match, I suggest you do. They’ve both shown great promise as of late, and this match really set the tone of what they’re capable of. As a matter of fact, here you go:


I hear a good amount of complaining about the playout of the Corre’s fallout. I couldn’t agree more. It’s more or less a given that a majority of the members will fade into “Superstars” obscurity (that is, unless they can produce a number of successful Youtube videos. Wait, that just gets signs confiscated). I do hope that Barrett at least comes out not so scathed by it.

Seeing Red

The nice thing about the Draft show is the number of actual wrestling matches that occur out of necessity, which is such a lovely consequence for us fans.

Having the Battle Royale go on first was a good move. It’s a great way to get the crowd amped up early for the show while saving the big pop for the “big players” for later on in the night.

Anyone else catch the steady attention given to Mason Ryan? He seemed rather dominant throughout the brawl, and even ended up allying with the cookie-cutter face Evan Bourne. I know ‘E is looking for more big men to push, and Ryan isn’t a bad choice. I do worry about the speed of the supposed push, though. Ryan is still green, to say the least. They should be building him in more one-on-one competitions with good workers rather than somewhat dominating multi-men matches. Eh, maybe I’m just seeing things and Ryan’s simply been given the magic stick for the match.

Not gonna lie, guys. Really dug the beatdown Layla gave to McCool. I’ve been a closet Layla supporter ever since she’s stepped in the ring. Blame it on the obvious reasons.

For the first time in….ever, R-Truth has broken his pattern of irrelevance and cut a, to put it eloquently, a ducking awesome heel promo. His character is a unique heel, making him stand out from the mold of Punk and Miz. Refreshing, to say the least. It remains to be seen how long this heat is going to last, but hopefully, the heel turn will force his ring work to be more mat-based, therefore limiting the botches. And if he keeps up the natural flow of his promos, he may surprise us even more. Remember, Miz was in the same position several years back. As the Bond movie says, never say never.

And what I’ve feared for Dolph Ziggler is showing its signs. One week into his generic hairstyle and already he doesn’t even get an entrance. I hope this doesn’t become a trend for the guy who had a title shot at the Royal Rumble. That Kennedy never happens Holly to title contenders Steiner from the Rumble.

Now, I’m a bit amiss at the end result of Raw. No, Super Cena didn’t surprise me in the least, but Mark Henry’s abrupt heel turn was definitely a “Gaga in t-shirt and jeans” kind of surprising. But with the move of many faces over to SmackDown, it would make sense for there to be a monster heel for up and coming faces to defeat for credibility. That, or he’s in line for a push. And Jonah hope it ain’t the latter, folks.

‘Round the Bend

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Kue’s Klosing

I must say, even with the total lack of build, “Extreme Rulez” is looking to be one hell of a card. And with the draft shuffling everything, it seems like most of these feuds will finally have closure. So, basically, this PPV will do the job that ‘Mania is usually meant to do. Sigh….what the hell. It’s too late to really bitch about that. This PPV should be an overall great show. Hopefully, it will help put the memory of ‘Mania 27 behind us.


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