CM Punk leaving WWE? has a possibly major story that was initially reported last night in the Elite section: CM Punk hasn’t yet signed a new WWE deal and “there’s been a lot of talk that Punk is looking to exit the company when his deal expires in a few months.”

According to PWI, WWE has been discussing this possibility internally, with the reality of it picking up during the European tour.

PWI writes that their WWE sources say Punk has been offered a new long-term deal but has not signed due to being burned out from years on the road, as well as being unhappy with his position for the last year. He’s been pretty much an “Iron Man” as one source told PWI, only being off the road briefly to let a hip injury heel. From what a source told PWI:

“When you look at how the company brands it’s characters, Punk is never among the top 5-8 names that are promoted or pushed … It’s Cena, Orton, Miz, Undertaker, Rey, now Alberto, etc. these days and Punk is sort of floating right under there. He didn’t fit into the youth drive a few months back but he’s not treated like a top veteran either. He’s just there, doing his job and while everyone knows he delivers, he’s never really treated like someone who does. He’s never dropped the ball but we don’t give it to him really, either. He’s treated like a guy, but not THE guy. For a driven guy like him who’s made wrestling his entire world, it’s got to drive him crazy. Now, the excuse will be don’t push Punk because he might be leaving, but the reality is the environment and situation is what is probably making him want to leave to begin with. Either it gets fixed or it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, just like it did when Batista walked out.”

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