The Rager – Draft Mind-Ponderings, Mark Henry, John Cena and the Ol’ Switcharoo

Hello one and all to yes another edition of The Rager. As always, I am your indubitable host, Chris, and here’s what I’m Raging about:

I believe R-Truth shone brightly as a new heel on Raw, he really seemed to have what it takes to get a strong reaction from the crowd. I believe WEE should’ve made this move a long time ago and just maybe I wouldn’t have hated on the guy so much for being a glorified break-dancer.

END THE MICHAEL COLE NONSENSE! Yes, we’ve established that he’s an excellant heel on the mic as well as very entertaining but the match on Raw against JR was almost as terrible as Cole’s match at Wrestlemania. I really hope Cole’s wrestling…I mean “performance entertainment” (sounds dirty) career ends at Extreme Rules and just becomes a manager or something along those lines.

Now lets finally get to what I’m is on everybody’s mind and that is the draft:
– This is easily one of my favorite Raw’s of the year because we know there will actually be more matches and less mic work and goofy gimmicks (even though we did get Truth’s rant and conversation with an imaginary child and the Cole/JR baby-town frolics) and that was certainly the case with this year’s.
– I can’t even remember the last time Raw had a cold open straight into a match, let alone a 20-man battle royal.
– I will say that the Cena bait-and-switch move was cheap and in a way kinda shows how little WEE cares about Smackdown in comparison to Raw. But then again, WEE wants to make people believe that nobody is safe and I suppose they sort of showed that although it does make very little sense that the face of the company not be on the main show.
– I love the idea of the newly beard-faced Randy Orton moving to Smackdown. With Edge retired and Mysterio moving to Raw, SD needs a new face of the show and Randy Orton can be just that and sadly that just wouldn’t be possible if he and Cena are on the same show. I will say that Cena is a better fit for the overall vibe/feel/aura/insert-random-hippie-phrase of Smackdown than Orton BUT I am glad Orton can be top dog now.
– Swapping Mysterio and Sin Cara made a lot of sense to me. Mysterio gets the big show for as long as he can manage to “entertain” and brings his whole fan club with him to Raw while Sin Cara gains some Mysterio-like momentum with the fans as well as working on his own consistency in the ring. Mysterio gets to go out on the big stage and the kiddies on Smackdown still have a masked high-flying super hero.
– Here’s what I was hoping while we all thought Cena was going to Smackdown: I thought WEE was pulling some really great strategy with guys like Cena and Orton moving to smackdown and Del Rio going to Raw. What I believed their thinking at the time was that they should send their established guys to SD and gain some ratings for SYFY as well as keep Cena busy until his Rock match. Then on the raw side of things, have guys step up in the main roles once take by Cena and Orton and see what happens because Raw is almost always going to get their ratings regardless of who is top dog at the moment.

Final Rage of the Night is as follows:
Here’s what I believe WEE was trying to do with that ending for Raw. They wanted the same sort of reaction they got last week when Truth turned. WEE wanted to try to salvage a career thats going nowhere and have people take notice and interest in Henry but I just don’t see this happening…ever. Sorry Sexual Chocolate.

I know this was a shorter Rager that the previous one but what do you expect when there aren’t as many goofy segments to make fun of?

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week!

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