The Terminator With Arnold Coming Back? That’s The Rumor

Arnold Schwarzenegger has his hand on several projects but Deadline is reporting that the one that he’s most identified with might be coming back with him attached to it: The Terminator

Deadline is reporting that Schwarzenegger is being shopped with a rights package to make a Terminator film with Justin Lin to direct. Lin’s most recent work is Fast Five, which opens this week.

The film would reunite Schwarzenegger with the role that made him famous.

What does it mean? If anything, it says that all the talk of doing different projects other than what made him famous was a bit of a smokescreen. If the rumor is true, and Deadline is remarkably right on most of these, then we could see Arnold making a comeback in a MASSIVE way.

What do you think? Is this the right move? Do we need another Terminator film with Arnold in it? Or is this a great idea that needs to happen?

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