Reality Dish Interview w/Jet & Cord McCoy – The Amazing Race Unfinished Business [Podcast]

The Cowboys on The Amazing Race 16 were one of the most popular teams around and in their second stint on the show, not much had changed for Jet & Cord McCoy except for the fact that this time all the teams saw them as an undeniable threat. In almost Western-like fashion, the Cowboys actually became the Lone Rangers this season as they were targetted by the other teams almost from the get-go and ultimately fell victim to a Double U-Turn at the hands of the Globetrotters as being the cause for their latest exit. I talked to Jet & Cord about their experience on the show, why they were so isolated this time around, if nice guys finish last and why people thought that they were a bigger threat than the Globetrotters. I also asked them if they would have used the U-Turn if they had gotten to it first.

Check it out!

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