10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 04.28.2011 – Velvet Sky, Sting, Mr. Anderson, Scott Steiner, Karen Jarrett

Reviewing the 4/28/11 episode of TNA…

1. I think a cool look for Angelina-Taker would be for her to either cry when she is beating up Velvet Sky or have her mascara run. If they want to really add depth to the Winter-Controlled Angelina Love they have to be able to show she is having regrets beating up her BFF not just some mindless no-selling Undertaker-like zombie.

2. That was a nasty looking knee injury Chris Sabin suffered in his match with Anarquia. With Alex Shelley returning and making the post match save, it also sets up a nice feud between the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Mexican America.

3. TNA would be hard pressed to find a sexier ring announcer than Christy Hemme.

4. Will something come out of Samoa Joe allowing Abyss to ruin his match and continue beating on Crimson while he just left? Now certainly Joe is no clean cut babyface, but I think if TNA were eventually going to go this route, why didn’t they just reveal that Joe was lying to mess with the fans and The Pope and turn him heel during his feud with The Pope? The damage has been done to The Pope’s momentum as a hot act babyface and for what? Perhaps a rivalry with Crimson may help build Samoa Joe back up, but I have to continue to question what TNA might do with The Pope now that he has been off TNA iMPACT for the second straight week. I believe they truly dropped the ball and derailed The Pope’s career here.

5. The brief Mickie James segment where she thanked the fans and celebrated her TNA Knockouts Title victory was very nice, but I think to give the champion more time to recover from her shoulder injury and build up a new contender, TNA should have had their ducks in order to have had a Knockout attack Mickie James on her way to the back and put her out of commission through the next PPV. It would set up the next feud and give Mickie the necessary time to recover.

6. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard as many bleep censors during a brawl than I did when watching the Scott Steiner/Matt Morgan backstage brawl. Hearing Steiner apologize at the end of it was quite comical as well. This is a good move for both men’s careers as Steiner can stay relevant and be used to help elevate Matt Morgan and give him something to do on his way to his next title shot.

7. Not sure if it’s the unpredictable nature of Scott Steiner that got him in on the final few words of iMPACT, but it was nice to see Steiner and Velvet Sky involved in the reaction round table of comments at the end of iMPACT. In having Velvet Sky interact with Karen Jarrett that helps raise her importance level on TNA programming as well as having Steiner in a prominent program also will help Matt Morgan when their feud is elevated when being mentioned near the end of the program. It keeps other feuds prominently on the fans’ mind when other things besides the main event are mentioned at the end of the show.

8. Lines of the Night:

a. Taz-“It’s always uplifting seeing Miss Tessmacher.”

I agree, Taz.

b. On Matt Morgan

Big Poppa Pump-“They shot his DNA out in the moon? For what? Now they’re gonna find it(find out?) he’s a piece of shit<censored> when they go find it again.”

9. Match of the Night:

TNA World Television Title Match

Gunner (c) vs. Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

Hard hitting and intense match up between the veteran Daniels and the up and comer in TNA, Gunner. Gunner rightfully got the win to raise his stock in the fans’ and Immortal’s eyes, but the returning Daniels put in another strong effort and showing that hopefully will prove he belongs in big time matches and stories in TNA. Solid match up and effort from both parties.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

A lot of chaos this week as the search for Kurt Angle’s mistress turned Karen and Jeff Jarrett hysterical grilling Knockouts in the ring to help find her and nervous in the back near the end of the program. Miss Tessmacher returned to the ring and had a nice moment with Karen before she left. Nice to see her back, no pun intended Taz. Steiner and Morgan’s feud heated up as well as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, which should lead to two matches for Sacrifice May 15th. Sting held his own once again in a Three Way match vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray. Ray’s cheating backfired when AJ Styles came out to counteract it and Mr. Anderson got screwed once again when Sting pinned Bully Ray for the win. Speaking of Anderson, in a strange twist, they showed Anderson pulling a Mr. McMahon impression with the pipe at ringside peeking over the apron, but instead of showing an attack on Sting, TNA went to Reaction comments. Odd. Sting earlier in the show knocked out all the windows on Anderson’s monster truck so with Anderson not getting his revenge in the ring, one would think he has a little something special cooked up for the Stinger next week.

Show MVPs:

Scott Steiner and Karen Jarrett

The two standouts of this show had to be Steiner’s maniacal rants and Karen’s hysteria. I give credit to both for really embracing their characters and providing entertaining moments.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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