Desperate Housewives Episode 7-20 Review: I’ll Swallow Poison on Sunday


Hey fellow viewers! Just a couple of episodes away from the end of season seven of Desperate Housewives. In the 20th episode of the year, couples clash, friends say goodbye and others get pushed away.


Spoiler-free zone:

Once again, this week’s episode shows no filler storylines. The pace of these recent episodes is really fast, preparing us for what I hope will be, a killer finale (pun may or may not be intended). The episode maintained a tight focus, with most of the storylines interweaving with one another.

Spoiler zone:

Bree and Gaby continued their common storyline which, this time, focused on them dealing with Juanita and Celia around the house. The series is always at its best when it shows these women’s domestic side clash. Gaby was obviously the one who knew her kids more, but of course Bree thought that not every parenting technique had been used. I’m not so sure where I stand about Carlos telling Juanita the exact truth, but I hope the Bree and Gabby thing continues because it has much more potential left in it. Another note: I’m assuming that detective will be Bree’s new love interest which doesn’t thrill me. Nothing against the detective but I loved seeing Bree deal with more familiar characters. Plus, I think she’s at her best when she struggles with her own character and when she’s in a dilemma of doing what’s right and doing what’s good.

Susan, as well, carried off from last week. Paul kicking her out was heartbreaking because I was actually enjoying watching the unlikely pair eat and chat. Paul fainting in the end was quite a twist, but I’m sure he’ll make it, at least, until the season finale. Felicia’s plan is still working like a charm but I insist that it’s going to have a bigger climax in later weeks. Another positive point about the storyline is that there is finally a hint of Mike and Susan going back to the lane. For some reason the more the episodes stay on the street, the more I enjoy them (I guess because it results into a more focused episode).

Lynette’s storyline I also enjoyed. Her drama is much lighter compared to what she was facing in previous years which is a nice ice-breaker. The power-struggle her and Tom are facing is heading towards an interesting direction (with both Tom and Lynette being right at times). Lynette is definitely the stubborn one though, so I have to say I’m routing more for Tom on this one. Sure he’s being a drama-queen now and then but he has to learn from his own mistakes rather than have someone tell him what’s good and what’ bad.

To sum up, a solid episode that unfolded the plot nicely and didn’t have any off-key moments. I can’t wait for the next few weeks!