10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 05.02.2011 – The Rock’s Birthday, WWE Championship

Welcome to the 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night RAW!  I am your host on this evening and every Monday night, Rhett Davis.  Before you divulge into my thoughts on the show this week, feel free to dive right into a special O’Really Report featuring none other than The View From Down Here’s own Steven Gepp right here! Now without any more of my senseless self-promotion, let’s get started with the show.  Oh and one more thing… USA!

1.  The Rock starting out the show after a PPV surprised me.  I mean sure it’s his birthday, but I would have thought WWE would’ve moved that to the end of the show rather than open with it.  However, overall the scene was just okay and didn’t really do anything except give us a Cole-less night, which is always appreciated.  Thanks Rock.

2.  I thought it was absurd to give away two main event matches on one show with the announcing of R-Truth/JoMo and Cena/Miz, but thankfully they scratched the former with instead a beatdown by R-Truth.  I hope JoMo’s hands are okay after hitting the steel so hard on the stage metal grates.

3.  Hands down the two best parts of the Extreme Rules PPV this week were Christian winning the title and the debut of KHARMA!  Kharma’s entrance seems to take forever, but, like The Undertaker, it builds suspense.  It makes this behemoth seem even more deadly and maniacal.

3a.  In another note, is it weird that Kharma is solely attacking heels?  I mean at Extreme Rules she destroyed McCool and tonight it’s Maryse.  She didn’t even touch Layla nor did she Kelly Kelly.  Is it just because she wanted to save them for later?  Or is Kharma actually a face?  Only time will tell.

4.  So what’s the deal with A-Rye?  He was traded to SmackDown yet he is still with The Miz.  If they are going with the whole, he isn’t technically on the roster because he is in service to The Miz then what was the point in having him in the draft at all?  No point, no point.

5.  I always love seeing Ron Simmons.  Like Kharma, his entrance just builds suspense, but in a humorous way.  “Damn!” (This wasted thought brought to you by Rock taking over half of the already short two hour show, thanks Rocky.)

6.  The WWE Championship match was a pretty great giveaway on TV, but it looks like they might be heading a different direction with these two men.  Although with Over the Limit in less than 3 weeks, I’m probably wrong.

7.  Okay… seriously, I thought the rule was unless the referee saw it, it was legal?  The ref can’t just reverse a decision on a WWE title match because something looks suspicious.  Or else Eddie would’ve never kept his WWE title at WrestleMania XX, JBL would’ve lost his title on many nights, Punk wouldn’t have beaten Taker at Breaking Point, and I’m sure I could go for awhile with these.

8.  Glad to see that Drew McIntyre is getting that push he so rightfully deserves.  I mean jobbing to Rey while the focus is totally on Del Rio.  Sounds like a de-push if anything at all.

8a.  It almost looked like McIntyre and Swagger are forming a team.  Which I’d be all for.  They are both young, eager, and could use a mouthpiece like Cole.

9.  Mason Ryan.  Holy cow are they pushing him to the moon.  Not only did he PULL Kane’s hand from around his neck, but he speared the bejeebus out of Big Show.  I mean, he single-handedly took out two of the biggest, physically, men in the business in one fell swoop.  He out shined Punk tonight and the rest of the New Nexus.

10.  The video package at the end of the show was brilliant, and Vince McMahon coming out really was the icing on Rock’s Birthday Cake.  Vince had a tear in his eye and it was the greatest day in Rock’s life.  Yeah I took some alteration with the quote, but hey it worked!

All in all, a rather ‘eh’ Raw with hardly any wrestling minus the tag match and the WWE Championship match (which was stellar!)  So this Monday Night Raw earns a *3/4.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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