Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Tough Enough, 05.2.2011

Tough Enough starts off with a Recap of last week where we are reminded that Rima was sent home. A note is also made that Christina and Ivelisse are the only two girls left in the competition.

The Episode starts off with an air horn in the hands of Trish waking up the contestants.  The contestants run out to the field to see an obstacle course.  Contestants must carry a bag up and down a hill and run in and out of cones, then tires to a box where there is a jumping station, then to some ropes that must be worked for 20 seconds, then crab walking.

AJ is first, followed by Ryan (Still known as Skid Marks.) who has trouble with the crab walk. Eric falls during the tires, Christina gets yelled at during the ropes. Despite problems, everyone finishes the course, except for Ivelisse who had quite a hard time getting her bag, but Marten helped her out to finish the course.

Later The whole gang come into the ring to see Rey Mysterio sitting on the top rope, just hanging out in the ring. He shows off a few moves for Example before a highlight reel of his WWE matches.

Rey talks about his obstacles because of always being the smallest wrestler. He says that at times he has been crying and getting beat up and those were important times for him to have teammates. Day in and day out, they would all push each other. Ivelisse asks for advice and Rey about being the, as she says, “small one in the bunch.” Rey tells here that knowing what he wanted to accomplish drove him to success. Rey leaves to applause and handshakes. Stone Cold reminds the viewers that teamwork is important.

Then we get into daily training. Martin is first and he has to body slam a bag ten times. Stone Cold voices his praise.saying that Martin never backs down from a challenge. When Skid marks (Ryan) trips on the ring he gets thrown out of the ring without even getting a chance to tough the bag. Bill says that if he can’t even enter the ring like a man he doesn’t get to touch the bag. Ivelisse once again finds that the bag is too heavy (70 pounds we are told) She makes her ten but looks worn out. Trish says that she needs to bring it

A diva spar is up next with Ivelisse and Christina. Christina doesn’t get high enough on a jump causing Ivelisse to crash into her, and her hamstring goes out.

Jeremiah makes a successful jump over his opponent. But next Christine is in the ring and again, Christine has trouble jumping. Ryan messes up in the ring by going in the wrong direction. This upsets Bill who calls time and won’t allow him to continue exercise.

Back at the house, Trish comes to check on Ivelisse and Christina. She wants to tell them that they need to recollect. She tells them that she doesn’t want them looking like the weaker sex, even though this is a “mans game” and is tough. They need to find a way to deal with it. She tells them that what’s going to separate them is character so every time they have a moment then they need to take it.  Christina says that the jump is an honest mistake. Trish says to not point fingers. Ivelisse vows to not let Christina be the last girl standing.

When we come back, we are told that it is time for the group to learn about teamwork. We go to a basketball gym where the Tough Enough contestants meet John Salley , a 15 year NBA veteran played on 3 different champ franchises. He’s there to teach them to be a good team and for the game of basketball, he brings out a team who is …Surprise world-renowned dwarf basketball team, Statesmen.

The basketball game begins, and the Tough Enough guys make two baskets, Booker-T spends most of that time yelling at the ref about Eric traveling and fouls.

Quickly however, the Tough Enough team begins to loose horribly. We watch one player (dubbed Little Booker) perform continually steal from the Tough Enough contestants. At the end of the game, the contestants are woefully behind with the score at15-36 . Salley say that the contestants are a 6 out of 10 when it comes to teamwork. Then he amends that to a 4.

Back in the ring it’s time for Booker to talk about how much the group sucks as a team. He says some people are now his priority and we know who he’s talking about. He mentions Ryan. When Ryan rolls his eyes, Booker lifts Skid by the collar telling him “Don’t you take my kindness for weakness.”

Stone Cold enters and comments on Skids shirt, which has been pulled out of shape thanks to Booker T.

The Skills challenge for the week is called three’s a crowd.

Jeremiah and Martin and Andy start off with Martin taking control of the match. Stone Cold tells Martin to sit on the bench.

AJ Eve and Christina are next. They square off. Christina won’t jump, causing Trish to yell at them to be aggressive. Stone Cold calls both girls unimpressive, and says it was hard to tell who sucked worse. So AJ gets to go sit by martin.

The next three are Eric, Ryan, and Luke. Ryan surprisingly impressed the trainers the most.  They also said Luke was not as good. Austin mentions that Luke is not working well and Ryan goes to the bench.

Now, the three get back in the ring. Ryan and AJ start off, then Martin replaces AJ. Bill gets upset with Ryan saying that he has not stepping up to this opportunity.

Stone Cold says that AJ is not great but not bad. AJ has shown him a little bit but not enough. Bill yells action repeatedly at the contestants.

Stone Cold calls a stop to the match and, declares Martin the winner of the skill challenge. This was his third week in a row as the winner of the skills challenge.


The trainers go to the office before the bottom three announcements.

Stone Calls it an interesting week.

Ivelisse has been having some problems and Trish says that hopefully she will get through her insecurities. They say that Christina is graceful and beautiful, but now she has hit a wall and not improved since then. Bill imitates her by saying Pretty Bird.

Booker talks a bit about Ryan. Stone Cold pretends not to know who  he is talking about until Booker calls him Skid Marks.

The trainers return to say that the three bottom are Christina, Ryan, and Luke.They are told to go back to the house and pack their bags, and come back to the ring for a come to Jesus meeting.

Ryan says that he has to once again prove his worth.Christina worries that she lost her steam. She says that if she stays she will fight like hell to keep her spot.Luke calls Ryan the cockroach of the competition since he has gone to the elimination several times and still not been sent home.

The bottom three come to the ring and Stone comes in after. Christina is first she has a dance background and started wrestling 8 months ago. Stone calls her on not being able to jump. Saying that he can jump higher than her and that her training should have prepared. Christine says that she is a better athlete than Ivelisse.

Cold asks Luke if he disserves to be in the bottom thee and Luke says no. Luke was in the business for four years and Tony Atlas trained him. Stone Cold says that Jeremiah out performed him.

Christina turns on Luke, saying that Luke cannot handle locker room because of lack of respect.

Luke lets out a laugh which Stone Cold Stone mocks his laugh.  Stone says that he’s either arrogant or an asshole. Ste Cold asks Luke why he is here.

Stone mentions that it is Ryan’s third time in the ring with the bottom feeders.

Ryan throws Christina under the bus.

3 times 3 strikes. Ryan is going home.

Stone tells Christine that to stay on the show, she needs to bring it.

Ryan says he has a hard time believing what happened. Begin called Skid Marks from the beginning hurt. It kept him from shining and showing what happened. He promises not to stop until he sees Stone back stage at WWE.

Stone Cold concludes that he wishes Ryan well but that 3 weeks in the bottom 3 means that you’re not tough enough.


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