Justified Episode 2-13 Review: Bloody Harlan

The second season of Justified end on a mellow note, Mags slowly slipping away, and it’s a good example of what makes Justified such a good show. There is certainly lots of tension and action on the show, but without a dedicated serialized format, those factors alone do not put Justified close to a show like Breaking Bad. Justified often slows down in the midst of the excitement and allows the characters to take measure of their situations. Through this, we get a great idea of the world these people live in, where each decision and urge has serious repercussions.

“Bloody Harlan” is a bloody episode, as one would imagine, filled with bullets and an explosion. Core to the episode is Loretta who represents Harlan as a whole and the crime, perpetrated by the Crowders and Bennets, that has terrorized the town. This provides the impetus for the plot since Raylan returns to Harlan to track her down while the conflict breaks out, and eventually Art, somewhat unwillingly, sends in the cavalry.

If there was one thing that let me down, it would be Winona, who has been a real weight on Raylan. It seems like the only reason she’s around is so Raylan has more problems, and now that she’s pregnant, she’ll probably be sticking around for a long time.

Score: 9.5/10