10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 05.05.2011 – Velvet Sky, Kurt Angle, Mickie James, Ms. Tessmacher

Reviewing the 5/5/11 episode of TNA…

1. Another break out performance by Bobby Roode on the mic should solidify another singles push for this man in the near future. Roode is in incredible shape, can talk fluidly on the mic and can go in the ring. In fact as sad as it would be to see Beer Money splinter off, I think both men can definitely carry singles programs if given the ball to run with again. Roode standing up to Hulk Hogan this week made for great television. Not sure what TNA had to gain referencing the Jay Lethal release on TV multiple times this week unless they already have plans to have him make a triumphant return sometime in the near future. I sincerely hope so since Jay has provided some classic moments in the last couple of years since Hogan and Ric Flair came in.

2. I like the identity clue used in the Spanish translation of TNA’s new “international” Mexican sensation Sangriento aka Bloody. Or is that blood red? Amazing blood Red. Ask his brother, Crimson.

3. Shannon Moore was transformed from disrespectful punk into American hero? Seriously, tho with the Motor City Machine Guns battling injuries, using Jesse Neal’s navy history as an American hero in a feud with Mexican America could make for a nice little tag team feud between Ink, Inc. and Mexican America. I am hoping there is a brief backstage segment soon that shows Jesse and Shannon talking about their cleared up their past differences from recent months. If you expect fans to invest in your characters and product, you do have to take continuity of any sort very seriously.

4. I actually like the Kurt Angle/Velvet Sky pairing. Not sure how the actual Mistress angle is going to play out on iMPACT TV, but as this pairing gains steam and makes for good TV, it’ll be a shame if the actual angle does not live up to it’s hype. The rivalry between Velvet Sky and Karen Jarrett has made for some entertaining segments. Putting Velvet Sky opposite the ultra annoying Karen Jarrett can only help to Velvet’s sky rocketing popularity, no pun intended.

5. I really thought TNA might just jump into a Crimson/Samoa Joe feud with a ridiculous premise of forgetting the real enemy in front of you for the indifferent “friend” beside you routine. TNA did handle this one really well with the nice intense exchange backstage between the sledgehammer wielding undefeated in singles action Crimson and the former undefeated streak wielding Samoa Joe. It definitely builds anticipation for a program between the two and is definitely a step up from Joe’s last feud. Poor Pope. He’s now nowhere to be seen for three straight weeks running.

6. I wonder if Hogan was thinking the same thing I was thinking after the battle for an Immortal spot match between Rob Terry and Murphy. Winner AND Loser are out of Immortal. Or should be. That was tough to watch. If I am not mistaken, it did seem like the crowd was behind Rob Terry. I don’t know where TNA can go with him, however. They tried the face route and he can’t talk to save his life, so right now Terry is a very limited talent. He may be inching his way along, but it’s really hard to justify his TV time compared to some more deserving talents who can really enhance the show. Not to mention former talents that have been recently released, formerly uber popular “clergymen” and X-Division competitors.

7. Speaking of X-Division competitors, hopefully the X-Division’s prank on Hogan and Bischoff will actually lead to them regaining some of their prominence on iMPACT TV.  Another unexplained resolution outside of Ink, Inc. involved Gen Me back together again and hanging out with Kendrick and Amazing Red with no explanation of their last appearance with Max Buck feuding with his brother or lack of using his Lockdown won title shot against Kazarian. It might have made more sense to show Max apologizing to his brother and making amends to his X-brothers before the Bischoff coffee segment earlier in the show. Ric Flair, Vince Russo, Dixie Carter and even Goldberg were all teased as possibilities as being the Network executive to appear next week with the latter’s “You’re Next” catchphrase being spray-painted on Hogan’s car as the prank at the end of the show. Watching Hogan walk by the way is painful to watch.

8. Line of the Night:

a. To Karen Jarrett putting an exclamation point on his vow to her meeting his chosen one next week

Kurt Angle-“Oh that is real. That is damn real, bitch.”

9. Match of the Night:

TNA Knockouts Title Match

Mickie James (c) vs. Ms. Tessmacher

This was very close between this and the Main Event but I will say that this match was way better than it had every right to be. Major props to Ms. Tessmacher for her improvement in the ring. I loved her new entrance, but more importantly her wrestling acumen definitely impressed me. I already knew she was mega hot, but who knew she could adapt to being a formidable competitor so quickly? Tessmacher and Mickie had a really nice title match which showcased both competitors. Not only are they two of the sexiest Knockouts in TNA, but they definitely proved they can both go when given a little time to show off their talent. The post match challenge by Madison Rayne leading to a Tara on a pole..er Tara’s freedom vs. Mickie’s title match at Sacrifice was sewn up for the PPV. Another nice step towards a Tara vs. Madison feud and Mickie hopefully moving on to new challenges.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

This edition of iMPACT was ten times better than last week in my humble opinion. While deprived of the always entertaining Scott Steiner, who I could have sworn pledged to be here this week, TNA delivered what seemed like much more in ring action as well as some very entertaining TV. The feud between Velvet Sky and Karen Jarrett escalated as did the tease of Kurt Angle’s mistress to Karen. Seeing the Jarretts backtrack as cowardly heels is much more entertaining than their overconfident cocky heel act. TNA also put together a nice little package pushing RVD vs. Sting which makes total sense from a standpoint that if Sting has the power to grant a match, then RVD definitely deserves it. Very conspicuous by his absence was Mr. Anderson. Although he has been a fixture on iMPACT for a long time. I doubt his iMPACTless streak will last longer than a week. Which is more than I can say for The Pope. Matt Hardy teased a mystery opponent for himself to team with against Beer Money at Sacrifice. While the tease is for Jeff Hardy, that is not supposed to be the case nor should Jeff come back as anything but a babyface at this point. Of course Jeff coming back anytime soon if at all is not going to happen for a while.

Show MVP:

Velvet Sky

She more than held her own against the screeching KJ and Double J. Plus she picked up a big win in her mixed tag match teaming with Kurt Angle defeating Winter, Angelina Love and Double J.

That is all.

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