Adventure Comics #526’s FLASHPOINT Pages?! Geoff Johns Creates Flash Red & Blue?!


UPDATE: Also check out the first 3 pages and the last 4 pages of Geoff Johns’ Free Comic Book Day Flashpoint #1 preview released by DC.

Does the recent Adventure Comics #526 contain a Flashpoint teaser? As you may know, Adventure Comics is one of two books, alongside Legion of Super-Heroes, that chronicles the adventures of the LOSH in the 31rst Century.

XS, Flash decendent from the LOSH era, is back which we predicted a while ago and seemingly fits into the Flashpoint puzzle.

In tandem with the preview pages from Flashpoint #1, it would appear that there may be a Flash Blue and/or a Flash Red? So much blue in XS’ mosiac. What does this mean? Readers may remember ye olde Superman Blue and Red stories. Will it be that overt in Flashpoint with Flash? Cobalt Blue’s return perhaps as has been speculated? Or something else?

Check out 4 pages from the 8 page XS story from Adventure Comics #526.

Hurry to your comic shoppes before it sells out like Action Comics #900 due to another under-the-radar story element.

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