Geoff Johns’ FLASHPOINT Free Comic Book Day Final Preview Pages With… A New Speedster?

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UPDATE: DC has corrected their gaffe. Check out the corrected pic and the old one side-by-side here. Wow. Just wow. Not a good omen. Oh, and Bart Allen / Kid Flash is… missing.

Free Comic Book Day 2011 is in the books and all is right with the world. :)

Consider this article your Flashpoint primer with all the info you need to know going into this week’s debut issue for DC’s mega-event of 2011.

Following our earlier article with the last 4 preview pages of DC’s FCBD offering featuring Flashpoint #1 (out this week on May 11th), comes the first 3 preview pages and the cover for the issue (below).

The last picture begs the question whether we have a new female speedster joining the Flash family (far right on the last panel of the 4th page below) or is that a poorly coloured version (as some are speculating) of XS, the speedster descendent of the Flash in the LOSH’s 31rst Century era. Since this is DC’s top event book of 2011, my money is on a that character being a recostumed XS or a brand new speedster. What do you think? I can’t believe its a colouring error. If so, that would be a HUGE blunder by DC.

FLASH FACTS: Also, don’t forget to check out the “secret” Flashpoint pages from Adventure Comics #526 featuring XS (there’s that name again) and the mystery of Flash Red and Flash Blue. And for all we know about Flashpoint so far, check out the compiled puzzle pieces from the Road to Flashpoint.

Without further delay, here are the first 3 pages of the Flashpoint #1 preview and the final cover. Enjoy!

Now you have all you need to know going into Flashpoint #1 out this week!

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