DC Fixes Major Mistake In Geoff Johns’ Free FLASHPOINT #1 Preview


So, on the left we have the BEFORE image. The last panel led to speculation that a new Speedster was to be part of Flashpoint. I remarked that if that was the case, that it would be a major blunder on DC’s part, but I thought the colouring on the female speedster on the bottom right corner of the last panel was deliberate.

So, I was half right according to our friends at Speed Force. Yes, it was a blunder. No, the colouring was not deliberate. Check out the panel to your right which I loving call the AFTER image. Notice the colour fix?

It was supposed to be XS, the Flash descendent in the Legion of Super-Heroes’ 31rst Century, all along.

Does this mean that the Flashpoint #1 FCBD preview will become an error edition valuable book on the secondary market? Stay tuned.

FLASH FACTS: Also, don’t forget to check out the “secret” Flashpoint pages from Adventure Comics #526 featuring XS (there’s that name again) and the mystery of Flash Red and Flash Blue. And for all we know about Flashpoint so far, check out the compiled puzzle pieces from the Road to Flashpoint. Plus, here are the first 3 uncorrected pages from the Flashpoint #1 preview as well as the last 4 preview pages .

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