Desperate Housewives Episode 7-21 Review: Then I Really Got Scared

Hello fans! I hope you were entertained by this week’s jam-packed 21st episode of the seventh season of Desperate Housewives.


Spoiler-free zone:

With just one filler segment (which had its moments) the episode continued to move the storylines along in the same fashion that the past few episodes have. Plus there is a relatively open twist left in the end, which I’ll discuss below.


Spoiler zone:

Susan was surprisingly the most thrilling one to watch this week. It’s probably the storyline I’m most eager to see continue in next week’s episode. If the episode wasn’t so near to the finale I wouldn’t be alarmed, but time is ticking so there is a chance she will tell Paul about Felicia when it’s too late. The scene where she tries to take back all the cookies was really well executed. It started with her observing, then slowly taking each cookie one by one, then shoving them in her bag, then tossing around plates, ending with the big announcement on the podium. That build up was awesome!

Gaby’s storyline got very interesting in the very end. To be honest I enjoy watching her relationship with her kids so I wasn’t bummed out by the initial filler storyline. It’s good to see the housewives have an average day for once, where they deal with their kids being scared in the night. Now as far as the stranger in the end is concerned: I’m pretty sure it’s Gaby’s stepfather. We had some insight on her tortured past in this season so it makes a lot of sense. Just another thing to look forward to for next week

Lynette and Tom continued their usual power-struggle but this time it got serious. All this build-up they’ve had since season 1 was bound to end with loud(er) voices. I hope we get to see that trip of theirs next week but I don’t want the writers to go down the usual “let’s kiss and make up” road.

Bree got to do some flirting this week. I’ve made it clear that I’m currently a fan of single Bree so I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this relationship plays out. Usually every storyline gets entertaining in the season finale so even if next week is not so great, I’m relieved that it will probably not last for long.

Summing up, episode 21 is yet another satisfying episode from the season. Next week’s two-hour conclusion, is looking very promising right now.