Pixar Unveils New Cars 2 Trailer

We all know Pixar is its own name brand. We also know that Disney lines its pockets from all the merchandise sold. Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls, the monsters from Monsters Inc., and of course the cars from the original Cars. A sequel may not have been warranted for Cars, but it’s not unexpected. Over at Apple, Disney has debuted the latest trailer for Cars 2.

Sadly, the new trailer doesn’t do much to entice audiences. The goal of a trailer is to generate hype and anticipation. I’m not seeing it here. Cars is sort of the black sheep of the Pixar library, in that it is good but not great. It at least had the clash of traditional values between a young hot rod (Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson) and an old relic, a Hudson Hornet (Doc Hudson, voiced by Paul Newman). The sequel loses that and instead switches to the spy genre and a case of mistaken identity. So are we to assume that this is North by Northwest meets Speed Racer? Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

The new trailer gives us first glimpses of new cars voiced by John Turturro and Eddie Izzard. Also, we get an idea of what the film’s emotional arc will be, with Larry the Cable Guy’s Mater getting sad because Michael Caine’s car convinces him that he’s a fool and that’s why everyone laughs at him. Um, yeah. But the trailer also includes a sound bite where Caine is telling Mater that Lightning McQueen needs his help. So that emotional arc may not be so emotional after all.

Cars 2 speeds its way to theaters on June 24th.

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Source: Apple