ROH Newswire 5/10/11

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– ROH Revolution weekend is officially in the books and on each night fans were treated to the best wrestling action they will see anywhere around in 2011. Be sure to pick up the DVDs when they are released as not only did each night contain unbelievable matches but it also saw many of the ROH newcomers step up in a big way. We want to thank everyone who joined us in Dearborn & Toronto as your support is what allows us to provide high quality cards that constantly deliver. Ring of Honor is true professional WRESTLING!

– Ring of Honor is not about to slow down one bit as we are less than two weeks away from our return to Chicago Ridge, IL on May 21st for “Supercard of Honor VI”! ROH officials are in the process of signing the best possible matches with our core ROH roster to fill out this supercard that you won’t want to miss! With ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards defeating Chris Hero in Toronto last Saturday, we can now officially confirm that Edwards will defend against Roderick Strong in the main event on May 21st! Also, announced yesterday (, for the first time in ROH, Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin will compete in singles competition. Shelton Benjamin will face Claudio Castagnoli and Charlie Haas battles Davey Richards in what are sure to be two classic contests. We can also now confirm that earlier today ROH officials signed El Generico vs. Chris Hero in a one-on-one match that is sure to deliver.

– In more SoH6 news, Ring of Honor’s own Mike Greenblatt leaked in his “Fightin’ Words” column ( that “The Notorious 187” Homicide may be taking on the HoT’s Michael Elgin in Chicago Ridge, IL on May 21st! Elgin tore up the competition in both Dearborn & Toronto this weekend, while the former ROH World Champion faced defeat for the second time at the hands of “The Project” Tommaso Ciampa. If this rumor is indeed true, Chicago Ridge is sure to see that violent side of Homicide as he’s coming off two losses in a row to The Embassy!

– And as a special bonus for the fans, the ROH Store will have tickets for “Supercard of Honor VI” on sale for a limited time only! All tickets will be $5 off through the weekend so take advantage of this special offer while it lasts:!

– Speaking of Chris Hero, “That Young Knockout Kid” was within an inch of winning the ROH World Title from Eddie Edwards last Saturday night at “ROH Revolution: Canada.” Many people are calling this a potential match of the year candidate and when it is available on DVD you will want to go out of your way to see it. It is now clear that Eddie Edwards is becoming a prosperous ROH World Champion and continues to show that he is one of the toughest and most resilient pro wrestlers on the planet.

– The ongoing story of Steve Corino took a very interesting turn last Saturday in Dearborn. Corino took the month of April off to think over his road to recovery and he explained that he tried to do good and help the younger generation like Grizzly Redwood, Andy Ridge, Kyle O’Reilly, & Adam Cole but nobody wanted anything to do with him. After Corino kept Mike Bennett from cheating against Christopher Daniels at “Defy or Deny”, Daniels told Corino that he did not trust him and that he thought Steve was lying to everyone. Since that time Christopher Daniels turned on honor and the fans and proved that he was a man not to be trusted meanwhile Corino has tried his best to contribute in the name of righteousness. Corino said that at one time Daniels was the man he told Mike Bennett to look up to but now Corino says he was wrong. Corino went on to explain that on 3/19 in New York City he wanted to prove to everyone that he was on the right path to Pro-Wrestling Recovery but failed allowing Mike Bennett to manipulate him and drive him into breaking the rules. Corino fell off the wagon and nobody was there to help him up. Corino explained that during his time off he coordinated with an old acquaintance that he says he has a lot in common with. Corino said the man that he has been in contact with can relate to him very well and has dealt with all of the same issues. Corino went on to say that the man was once as evil as him but he has done everything in his power to change. Corino mentioned that like him this man tried to turn ROH upside down with mind games, torture, and massacre. Since his time away from ROH he has gotten in the best shape of his life. He has become a better pro wrestler. And best of all, he has became a better person on a pursuit to purify himself and pro wrestling. Corino said that nobody trusts him and nobody trusts the man he has been in contact with either, but they now trust each other because they are going through the exact same kind of addiction and damaged personal history. Corino said the man was virtually banished from ROH and wants another shot back in to prove that he has changed his destructive behavior and will only contribute in the name of honor. Corino explained that they have a strong bond and that the man in question is his sponsor who is ahead of him in the steps to recovery, and a man to look up to. Who is this man Corino speaks of? Is it possible that we will soon find out just who Corino’s sponsor is? Even if we do will ROH officials allow him in ROH? Many questions have arisen from this weekend pertaining to Steve Corino but one thing is for sure and that is nobody on the current ROH roster has helped him or even remotely reached out.

– Not only did Steve Corino make this huge statement over the weekend but, for the first time since December, he also came face to face with the man that ultimately led to his search for purity. Towards the end of Christopher Daniels vs. El Generico in Toronto, Michael Elgin ran out to help Daniels but Steve Corino came out blocking the attempted interference leading to El Generico defeating Daniels. Corino and Generico then intensely locked eyes before Generico immediately left allowing Elgin to lay out Corino from behind while Daniels seemed to bark orders. Needless to say nobody came out to help Corino.

– Barrister R.D. Evans has sent word that Mr. Ernesto Osiris suffered severe vertebrae and head trauma at the hands of Homicide last Friday at “ROH Revolution: USA.”

– The debut of “Double Danger” last Saturday at “ROH Revolution: Canada” was a huge success and everyone is raving about what they saw. The match delivered fast paced, high energy action that didn’t slow down for a moment. Expect more of these in the future!

– Even though the Bravado Brothers were not booked before “Revolution” weekend they were able to make their way on the cards by coming out at the end of intermission each night in an attempt at making a big impression. In Toronto, the Bravados explained that ROH forgot to book them even though they are better then a team like Cole & O’Reilly. The Bravado’s came off as very jealous as they explained how Cole & O’Reilly always seem to consistently get booked and receive huge opportunities even though they continue to lose. The Bravados were confused and upset that they were not chosen for bouts against teams like the Briscoe’s, KoW, and Haas & Benjamin since last time they faced Cole & O’Reilly in Charlotte they won. The Bravados eventually called out Cole & O’Reilly and wanted to make a deal that involved Cole & O’Reilly taking some time off to train and clear up room on the card so they could get booked and give the top tag teams in ROH a try. Cole & O’Reilly made it known that they were privileged to be wrestling against the best ROH has to offer and they were not going to stand back in the locker room and let the Bravados ramble on about beating them when they could have a rematch right there on the spot. The Bravados declined the challenge saying that they didn’t have their gear on and grandma would be upset with them wrestling in their Sunday clothes. However, after Cole mentioned the Bravados’ Grandmother, Harlem Bravado pushed Cole but this led to both Lancelot and Harlem getting destroyed. Cole and O’Reilly then celebrated with the crowd who was more then happy to see the Bravados get their mouth shut. It remains to be seen whether the Bravados will get booked (or just show up) for any future ROH events.

– Don’t forget to mark the date down now for the next Ring of Honor iPPV that will originate from New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday afternoon June 26th at 4PM. We know that our athletes are the best wrestlers in the world today therefore the event is appropriately titled “Best in the World 2011.” This event will be broadcast LIVE on iPPV courtesy of GoFightLive.TV and features the ROH return of Jay Lethal! More wrestlers will be announced for this huge event in the next ROH Newswire. Tickets are on sale now in the ROH Online Store, (, and check out for details on the iPPV broadcast!

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