Trailer: Straw Dogs Aims To Shoot And Kill White Trash

At one point in the trailer to Rod Lurie’s remake of Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs Kate Bosworth remarks to her husband James Marsden, “They’re practically licking my body outside.” Sounds icky, right? When Straw Dogs was released in theaters forty years ago, it was at a difficult time in America’s history. The Second World War was over, but there were new conflicts brewing, be it between races (blacks and whites) or around the globe (Vietnam). Peckinpah’s film was a psychological thriller that is considered one of his best works, and a great film in general. So because it is deemed a masterpiece in certain circles, it must mean that audiences need to see it as a remake.

But will audiences get the implications that are truly at stake? Like how James Marsden’s character is a metaphor for male emasculation. Probably not, because it looks as if it is marketed as a straight-up revenge tale, with a weak man pushed to his limit making a stand against intruders.

It’s not a bad-looking trailer, and Screen Gems is a label that knows how to market horror and thrillers to a point where it is guaranteed a number one opening in its first weekend. Set to open on September 16, the film also features Alexander Skarsgård and Rhys Corio as two of the white trash boys as well as Walton Goggins, Laz Alonso And Dominic Purcell.

Check out the trailer to the 2011 remake below and compare it to the original 1971 release.

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