Desperate Housewives Episodes 7-22 and 7-23 Season Finale Review: And Lots of Security…/ Come on Over for Dinner

Hello again for one last time everyone! With two action-packed hours the only thing I have to say is: bring on season 8!

Spoiler-free zone:

The best possible set-up for next season was seen in the last 5 minutes of the show. The first hour makes sure that the Paul Young storyline comes to an end (with a little bit of added irony), while the second hour focuses in preparing us for, what appears to be, an awesome 8th season. The second hour is definitely the best episode of the entire season (maybe tied with the season 7 premiere).

Spoiler zone:

I found Lynette’s storyline to be the most consistent throughout both hours. Felicity Huffman nailed every scene and added even more weight to the story. I know the writers are always very careful on what they do with Tom and Lynette so I’m sure there will be no disappointments next season. I would rank Lynette’s second hour above the first one mainly because there was much more going on. Also, during the second part, the entire story had the show’s classic formula of socializing while suppressing emotional turmoil. This always results in complex and layered scenes.

Bree had the most carefree segment of the night. I’m still skeptical about her new love interest but he hasn’t disappointed me yet. The two look good together, especially in the steamy second hour of the episode. It’s funny that with every new season, comes a new love interest for Bree (with the exceptions of seasons 4 and 5). I hope they add an original twist to the story next year. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Susan had a pretty powerful first hour and a light, yet fresh and enjoyable, second hour. The conclusion of the mystery went full circle, with Paul going back to prison and Felicia escaping. On that note, I felt that Felicia’s implied death, while convenient, was pretty interesting. With a dead person as a narrator, the show always had a supernatural feel to it, so the pure irony of Beth “killing” Felicia was quite a fun twist. Susan took more of a background role during the episode’s second half (and so did Renee in both hours) as she briefly interwove with the other character storylines. Even then, though, she was pleasant to watch.

Gaby’s two storylines are not even comparable in terms of plot. The first hour was more or less a filler just so it could build up the intense second hour. In fact, it was her segment that made the second hour what it was. The final scene was the perfect ending for the season and it really set the bar way up for season 8. Plus, it resolved Carlos’ and Bree’s issues since it was Bree who proposed to hide the body. The final shot of the chest was chilling and very reminiscent of the first season (although back then it was a toy chest). Another reason to be excited for next year is that, excluding season 1, this is going to be the first mystery storyline that will probably revolve around all four leading ladies.

So there you have it: 23 episodes that went by, faster than a bullet. In general, Season 7 managed to have very few low points and left me more excited than any recent season finale. I can’t wait for next year and I hope you feel the same too! Have a great, great summer!