McFarlane SportsPicks NFL Series 26 Images Revealed!

Here are the images of NFL Series 26, due in stores in August! As you can see below, McFarlane has gone back to the smaller all plastic packaging.

-Jerome Bettis 2 (St. Louis Rams)*
-Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh Steelers)*
-Rey Lewis 4 (Baltimore Ravens)
-Eli Manning 4 (New York Giants)
-Brandon Marshall (Miami Dolphins)
-Adrian Peterson 4 (Minnesota Vikings)
-Wes Welker (New England Patriots)

Collector Level:
GOLD Wes Welker (Minuteman Uniform)
SILVER Terry Bradshaw (All White Uniform)
SILVER Jerome Bettis (Blue Uniform)
SILVER Rey Lewis (All Black Uniform)
BRONZE Adrian Peterson (Retro Purple Jersey)
BRONZE Brandon Marshall (White Jersey)
BRONZE Eli Manning (White Jersey)
BRONZE Terry Bradshaw (White Jersey)

*Bettis & Bradshaw are NFL Legends figures, which are now worked into the regular assortments.

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