Ring of Honor Rumors (Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, Cary Silkin)

By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-19 10:20:23

In regard to a number of rumors and emails we’ve received surrounding Ring of Honor in the last week stemming from the company not announcing return dates in different markets, here is where things stand:

*No, the company is not closing down or going out of business.

*No former booker is returning to the company in any position.

*A roster meeting is set for this Saturday in Chicago Ridge, IL prior to their live event to discuss plans for the company.

*Everyone within the company’s braintrust are holding their cards close to the vest but have intimated to the wrestlers who have asked that something major is about to break for the company. In speaking to ROH President Cary Silkin a few days ago I was told, “When there is something to talk about, we will talk about it.”

*ROH has been teasing a “proclamation” for this Saturday on their website, while ROH President Cary Silkin wrote on his Facebook account, “Keep an eye on the main site something interesting to go down.” There have been other hints over the last several days via ROH articles and social media outlets, if you look between the line for them.

*While there has been chatter about a new investor and/or a television partner coming in to work with ROH among wrestlers, no one has been specifically told that is actually the case.

So, to say there are a lot of people working for the company excited to see what Cary Silkin and the other ROH officials have up their sleeve is a massive understatement. We’ll know more Saturday.

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Source: PWInsider.com