Blood Oath – DVD Review

If you’re requirements for a horror film are blood, gore, death and gratuitous nudity, then Blood Oath might be the kind of horror film you can sink your teeth into.

Thanks to a long campfire ghost story we learn that a couple couldn’t have kids and were so desperate for offspring that when a spooking ghost lady shows up at their cabin in the woods offering them their dream come true… for a price. Now their child, a grotesque creature, roams the woods killing all that get in its path.

This story is told by one of four main characters in this film – two guys and two girls, who our camping in said woods and decide to go looking for the cabin in the story. Before you know it the killer is taking the characters out one by one. You even get four random girls (all who show a little T and A) introduced so the kill count can be a little higher. A little twist is revealed towards the end that makes things a little interesting and then comes a truly horrific moment that can’t even begin to be described here. Suffice to say, it’s quite disturbing.

In fact, there are several moments in the film that are quite effective for such a low budget film. Sadly, these few solid moments aren’t enough to make this film memorable.

The acting across the board is pretty bad, even for a low budget horror film. The effects are low budget, but effective and one thing I really appreciated about this film was the use of real fake blood as apposed to computer generated blood that a lot of horror films seems to be using these days.

The plot is pretty meh as far as slasher films go, but like I said before it has some interesting and disturbing stuff that make it a little better. Blood Oath is a low budget, low end run of the mill horror film that might entertain the most extreme horror aficionados.

Blood Oath is presented in 1.78:1 widescreen, but is not formatted to fit your widescreen TV. Sound is in Dolby Digital Stereo. This film was shot digitally and looks it. All the footage is very flat and lifeless. It also looks a little too crisp and clean for the type of horror film it’s trying to be.

Commentary: Director David Bucher talks about how is film came together and how the production went. Kind of interesting to listen to.

Behind-the-Scenes: (38 min.) It looks like tons of footage was shot on set while making this film and this gives a somewhat interesting look as to how the film was made.

Special Effects: (6 min.) If you’re looking to do some low budget prosthetics for your horror film, this might be interesting for you to watch.

Outtakes: (6 min.) Not the most interesting outtakes I’ve ever seen.

Storyboard Slideshow: (12 min.) Here you get the storyboard edited together with the audio of the film.


And a slew of Troma themed extras.

Blood Oath is a pretty mediocre horror film. It’s got some good gore and a pretty disturbing ending, but unless you’re REALLY into horror films, I’d suggest finding something else to watch.

Troma Entertainment presents Blood Oath. Directed by David Buchert. Written by David M. Smith. Starring: Natalie Hart, Roger Horn, Jamie Reynolds, Katie Vaughan, Patrick Holt, Tiffany Shepis and Tina Krause. Running time: 75 minutes. Not Rated: Contains nudity, scary themes and violence. Released on DVD: May 10, 2011.