The Rager – Over the Wrong Limit: The Post-Wrestlemania Lull

Salutations to all those seeking to fulfill their rage quota of the week. As always, I’m Chris, your sieve that sifts through that pesky, sticky swamp of rage and delivers unto the masses a more channeled and concentrated dose of The Rager.

Exceeding the Wrong Limit
Figured I’d get this nonsense out of the way first so we can get to the good stuff. I know I wasn’t the only one that was displeased with the pillow-fight-of-a-pay-per-view we all came to know as Over the Limit. I think I’ve nailed down what exactly was lacking and that was predictability. I absolutely hate being able to predict what is going to happen and who wins because, lets be honest, I’m terrible at those Roundtables because I make the easy, effortless picks and it was obvious WEE decided to go the same route. I will say that I was incredibly pleased with the Orton vs. Christian match but that, of course, means we’ll never see it again. This show exemplified the post-Wrestlemania lull and made me feel like Vince is just sitting backstage and keeps checking his watch to see if its April 1st, 2012 yet.

And Just When I Say That…
…we get Raw last night. I’ll be quite honest, with OTL the night before as well as the general lack of anything resembling interesting, I sat to watch Raw just because I felt obligated to and lacked a ton of desire to see it. But that being said, I was pleasantly entertained with Raw this past monday. Everybody got their quarterly dose of Bret Hart to start it off and we got an interesting promo out of R-Heel and Cena to top it all off. Truth was on-point as he has been over the past month and the random “I want my son back” moment (I wasn’t the only one that heard that, right??) has me beyond interested and has opened my mind up to a whole possibility of different ways Truth can go, it just depends on their definition of that phrase and how this mystery son was “lost.” Obviously there’s the morbid route but I think that would be too dark for WEE right now (especially when there’s a lot of death in the wrestling community in real life) and plus from a pure character standpoint, we would lose Truth as a heel because that would put a lot of sympathy in his direction. What I see as the more likely scenario is Truth having a son that has always been a Cena fan and Truth has been trying to do everything right to make his son a fan of what he does but it doesn’t work and Truth snaps but then again that wouldn’t justify a total mental breakdown that includes talking to imaginary people. Who knows, I’m probably wrong, speculation is merely a pastime.

Cease and Desist on Ol’ King/Cole
Its sad how the most interesting and well-thought plot-lines deteriorated into something so despised and repulsed. That being said, it seems like all of our wishes came true and this feud is finally kaput. The Cole apology was exactly what it needed to be and we were reminded what good commentating actually sounds like. My only gripe is that Cole was kinda overdoing it for a while but maybe that was just me as I’m the forgive, forget and never mention it again kind of person and Cole just seemed to be overly apologetic after the segment and, who knows, maybe it was justified for everything he did. Also, Lawler was kind of a jerk about it and kept bringing it up and rubbing it in Cole’s face which seems odd for a face but who needs logic in WEE?

Surprised Stokedness
Woo more predictability with the Miz and Alex Riley feud but what I was surprised about was the energy from Riley after he finally snapped was pretty awesome (see what I did there?). If Riley can bring that to the table during an actual match, I just might buy into the guy.

Re-imaging Drew McInRager
My words that came out of my mouth when I saw Drew McIntyre’s new entrance with pyro were as follows:
Yes, that might have been a overly-caffeinated over reaction (Its called The Rager, what do you think?) but seriously, we’ve all been waiting for Drew to do something…anything to live up to his potential and this new entrance just might be the start of a new attitude for the guy. He actually is the reason this is titled The Rager back when he debuted in the WWE (long story, message me and I’ll explain) and I would love for him to get a push. However, the debut of this new entrance was spoiled by Kofi…sigh.

Misunderstood Kharma?
On Raw we saw something unexpected that actually has me interested in a Divas storyline (now the end is even nigher!). We saw Kharma surrounded by 8 Divas and instead of her ripping every last one apart like we all anticipated, we saw her sit and have a breakdown. This adds a new twist and it has me wanted to take yet another ride on the Speculatory Choo-Choo. Won’t you join me?
I now think Kharma is going to do a story that fits well with the new anti-bullying initiative WWE has been introducing (which is something I couldn’t agree more with). I’m thinking Kharma announces something along the lines of being mocked and made-fun of all her life by women that looked like the typical Diva for acting and looking different and has come to the WWE for revenge or a chance to fit in (which would explain the breakdown).
Another speculation comes from Pulse Wrestling’s own, Joel Leonard:
“I think that she cant talk hornswaggle-style and hitting is her only form of communication. Now she cant understand why all the divas dont understand that she keeps saying I love you.”
I’m sure Joel will expand on his thoughts on his latest edition of “No Chance” coming later in the week right here on Pulse Wrestling.

Random Rages
The Batista chants directed towards Mason Ryan at OTL made my week.

i really thought the medics were gonna start working on the wrong leg of Big Show after Ricardo Rodriguez’s hit and run (Lo hice por The Rock. Alguien?… alguien?)

Kudos to WEE for realizing that Dolph looking like Evan Bourne’s twin wasn’t working.

Speaking of, Bourne does make a great beanbag, doesn’t he?

What do I love about CM Punk? Its the little things like interacting with Bret Hart during his match and showing him how to count to three or mimicking Orton back during Elimination Chamber. GIVE THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS!

Serious note
It was would foolish of me not to discuss whats been on the minds and hearts of the wrestling community and that is the untimely death of Macho Man Randy Savage. I was never a true fan of his so I know there are plenty of people who would be a lot more eloquent with this than I could ever be. I will say that I respect Randy for being something the wrestling world had never seen and may never see again. I respect the dedication he had for this business so that people like myself and all of you could watch, enjoy and talk about here. Forget about being a great wrestler and entertainer, dedication of that stature shows an immense amount of selflessness and is the mark of a great man…a macho one, at that. The death of another person is always incredibly sad but what makes it sadder is when that person still had plenty of life yet to live and I know a lot of people feel that way about Randy as I feel the same way as well. Love him or hate him, he was the truest of innovators and gave us more than we deserved and for that he will always have this lowly blogger’s utmost respect and gratitude.

Feel free to comment on anything you see above as well as anything else you’d like to talk about.
Have a great week!

Chris Sanders

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