Updated Ghostbusters Club Ecto-1 Release Schedule On MattyCollector.com

Here is the latest release schedule for Ghostbusters, which is sold exclusively on MattyCollector.com:

June 15
Winston Zeddemore w/Slime Blower & Tripod Trap (Club Ecto-1 figure)

July 15
12″ Winston Zeddemore & Peter Venkman Movie Masters 2-Pack

July 20 at SDCC
22″ Stay Puft Figure

August 15
“Ready to Believe You” Egon Spengler w/Library Ghost (Club Ecto-1 Fig)

October 17
Ray Stantz w/Cinema Ghost (Club Ecto-1 Fig)
12″ Ray Stantz & Egon Spengler Movie Masters 2-Pack

There is also a tease of a 3rd item to be released in October. There is one more figure in the 2011 Club Ecto-1 to be revealed, which will be at SDCC in July, along with the first figure in the 2012 Club Ecto-1!

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