Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Tough Enough, 05.30.2011

First up on Tough Enough we take a look at last week, were we get another look at the Rock’s guest star. Then we see the bottom three where Christina and Andy go home and Andy gets told that he better get his ass in gear.

Back at the house Jeremiah and Luke take some time to celebrate being in what he considers the top two. Andy comes back and tells the camera that he’s been feeling a lot of emotions, lots of anger and frustration. Jeremiah asks how the elimination went, and Andy said that he should be able to see how it went, and that he (Andy) is not in the best of moods right now before going to be.

After the theme song goes off, we come to the ring, where the trainers are waiting for the three remaining contestants. Bill tells them that there is not theme this week. Its just time for some fine-tuning, starting with cross bodies. Bill tells the camera that its time to see the best each contestants have. After all the time, if you’re not going to bring it to the table, then Bill is going to bring the table to you. The contestants continue to frustrate the trainers and after the test Booker tells the contestants that each and every single one of them failed the test. And it time to get out.

Back from commercial, we see a photo shoot set up, Andy says he has not idea what they are about to do, but he’s planning on giving it his all.  Stone Cold tells everyone that this week is about putting it all together. And the Miz is here to teach everyone about photo shoots and WWE publicity, with press and promotion. Its time to learn how to portray the WWE Image. So each of the three will be shooting a cover for the WWE magazine. So first they each have to clean up.

Luke is up first with the belt and takes several snazzy pictures. Stone calls him a pretty boy and he ends the photo shoot by sliding on the hood of the car in the background. Andy is up next. Miz tells the camera that he looks nice. Andy is told he can do what he wants in his cover shoot. But this proves to Miz that Andy has some problems coming out of his shell. But by the end of the shoot, Andy seems to have come of to that metaphorical shell, impressing the judges and The Miz. Jeremiah is last, and he proudly shows off his missing teeth gap in his photo shoot taking Miz off guard. Miz leaves with one final reminder to the contestants that he is awesome. Back at the ranch, and after the commercial, the three contestants are told that they are all in the bottom three now. With a trainer for every contestant that means that there is always a pair of eyes on you. Booker gests in the ring with Luke for a fairly epic beat down. Then Andy enters in with Luke, as the two of them go at it with one another. Andy finally starts to use his size in the ring with both of the contestants. According to Bill, for the first time Andy has convinced everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with it. Luke also receives several complements, but Jeremiah still has trouble with moving too fast. He tells the camera that because he is the most inexperienced of the three he has to bring his game more than the other two. After training, Bill reminds the contestants that there are only two after this week,
At the local hospital, Stone Cold tells the contestants that its time for them to learn about the outreach that WWE does as it is a big part of being a WWE superstar. The first kid has a wrestling ring, that Stone Cold signs for him, Then Luke signs it saying that hopefully the whole thing will be worth something some day. The next kid asks Andy if he is Stone Cold’s helper. Andy says that he would consider himself to be a trainee. Stone says to wish Andy good luck because he needs all the luck that he can get.  Stone also reminds the contestants that every kid he has ever met in a hospital has been tougher than him. And sometimes life isn’t fair. Jeremiah tells the camera that he had a cousin who passed away from cancer and this helps him see that this, being with the kids, is what it’s all about. Stone Cold says that going to a hospital helps you to see how lucky you really are. He says that each of the remaining three did an amazing job at the compound, and he was impressed by all of them.

Back from commercial, we are reminded that this week is all about putting everything together. The skills challenge of the week is a comprehensive skills challenge and at the end of the day, somebody is going home. Luke is first and he starts with the ropes from day one. Then little by little, Stone Cold would add in a move or sequence that had been covered at some point over the nine weeks. Bill compared it to being a proud parent who couldn’t coach or nudge his children along. Trish reminded us how Andy was back on day one, and how much he has improved, but wonders if it is too late to just now see all of his potential coming into bloom. Booker tells the camera that Luke has impressed him, and Luke capitalized on that by dropping an impressive across ring elbow on the bag. Bill talks about Jeremiah saying that he is a competitor, but now is the time that his inexperience will really come in to play. He put the bag in the wrong, but according to Bill, he fixed the problem landing the right elbow in the right spot. But questions if he can do that three hundred nights a year. After the skills challenge its time for Stone Cold, to tell everyone to pack their bags, because this is not the bottom three but the final three.

Back at the house, as the contestants start to pack, Jeremiah asks the other two how his unorthodox move looked. Andy told him that it was cool, but told the camera that he wasn’t sure if it would pay off. Luke tells the camera that he considers them the top three and not the bottom three. The final three contestants share a drink before, as Luke puts it “facing the rattlesnake.”

In the Ring, Stone Cold reminds everyone that someone is going home tonight. Stone Cold starts with Jeremiah and asks him about his time in the Army. Stone Cold asks Jeremiah if he wants 10-15 years in the business or if he is looking

Andy is up next and Stone starts by saying that he thinks Andy is too weak. Andy responds by saying Stone Cold is full of it. Stone compares Andy’s “emotional” thoughts about his children and wife to Jeremiah who has a seven year old at home. Stone Cold points out that he has never seen Jeremiah suffering Emotional, Jeremiah adds that he got a divorce over the business. Stone points out that he himself has had three. Stone asks Jeremiah if he is more emotionally strong than Luke, and without hesitation, Jeremiah says yes.

Luke is up next and tone asks him to list strengths and weaknesses. Luke brings up his elbow drop earlier in the skills challenge as a big positive. Stone Cold again compares Luke to Jeremiah who Stone Cold says was also impressive in the ring. Luke responds that he has looked out for Jeremiah throughout the competition, so he feels that Jeremiah’s win is his win as well. Stone Cold responds, “His win could be your loss.”

Back from commercial, Luke says, not pulling punches, calls Jeremiah the arrogant one of the group. Jeremiah says that it’s called confidence. When the skills challenge is brought up.

Stone returns to Andy and asks him if he is about to start crying. Once again Stone Cold mocks the name Silent Rage. Andy says he’s got fire in him, enough for everyone in the ring. Stone asks Andy about Luke’s chances in the business. Andy says zero because Luke is a weasel and uncomfortable in his own skin. Stone brings out a nervous laugh from Luke, and when Luke tries to call it excited, Stone calls it twitchy. Luke gets a chance to badmouth Andy, saying that he had a stale day, when it comes to fire and character.

Stone Cold confronts Andy about not bringing everything to the table, then back to Jeremiah, about not having the best skills challenge, saying that for all the good days that he has had, he was out performed today in the skills challenge. Jeremiah says that he still has a lot to learn, but since day one he hasn’t hurt anybody.

After the confrontation, Stone Cold talks to everyone, saying that his decision is based on everything that he has seen up until now. And Jeremiah is the one going home. HE said the greenness had finally caught up to him, and he finally had to go, but before he did, Stone Cold reminded the other two that this “green ass rookie” nearly sent both of them home. Stone Cold told Jeremiah that he was still proud of him, and thought he did a great job in the competition. Stone tells the remaining two that the next time they see each other will be at FCW where they get a five-minute competition in front of a live audience. After that the winner of the competition will be decided. Then in traditional Stone Cold fashion, two beers are thrown in for each person and they celebrate in ring.

Both end the show telling the camera that this is it, and they will be winning the contract at FCW. I guess we will see next week.


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