Post-Flashpoint: JLA By Geoff Johns And Jim Lee?

With all the rumblings of DC relaunching its entire line in September, at the conclusion of Flashpoint, Bleeding Cool might have the A-list book from their arsenal.

Justice League of America by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

Geoff Johns, the biggest writer at DC comics, has only written one arc of JLA (Crisis of Conscience with Allan Heinberg in the wake of Identity Crisis), and did a crossover with Brad Meltzer’s run (The Lightning Saga). So him writing DC’s big guns will be a pretty new experience, and one that I feel is a long time coming.

Jim Lee, for those living under a rock, is the co-publisher of DC Comics, a co-founder of Image Comics, the designer of DC Universe Online….oh, and one of the most dynamic artists of the last twenty years. He made a splash at DC by providing the art for Jeph Loeb’s ‘Hush’ arc on Batman, as well as the visually awesome but weakly plotted ‘For Tomorrow’ on Superman.  He’s also not famous for being on a schedule….hello All Star Batman and Robin, but if you give him enough lead time (which I imagine DC has)? Even if he’s only the first six issues, that’s still six issues of Jim Lee drawing the JLA!

Johns and Lee on JLA? That’s a must buy in my book if it happens.

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Source: Bleeding Cool