Will Grant Morrison Be Writing Superman? Creative Rumors For Post Flashpoint Reboot

CBR seems to have gotten some nice little information on some post DC reboot titles, and given some of the talent involved…well, I just couldn’t wait.

Grant Morrison will apparently be tackling the Man of Steel, helming one of the relaunching Superman titles. Now, Grant has been writing Batman for the past five years or so, does this mean that he’s moving from one to the other? Or will he be helming DC’s big two?

Birds of Prey will be back, but not with Gail Simone. They’re reporting that this is going to happen with quite a few titles, where the familiar and expected creative teams won’t be there.

Teen Titans will be entering the hands of Fabian Nicieza which has me jumping for joy already. I’ve been saying for years that Fabian is a natural choice for that title, and while I’ve enjoyed Krul’s run…FABIAN! This is one of my fanboy picks come to life, and if Tim Drake doesn’t get deleted (he won’t get deleted), that means a character he’s been writing amazingly will be the leader.

The Justice Society of America will be getting a brand new creative team, which I find to be a good thing as I’d not been enjoying Guggenheim’s run, but at the same time, they’re going to need a special kind of creator to make the book important again.

Wonder Woman….is anyone surprised that her reboot will ignore her last reboot? The character needs an honest to God miracle at this point.

Green Lantern will remain under the steady hand of Geoff Johns, and in our first real confirmation that not everything is getting wiped clean, the book will continue moving forward with it’s current status quo. No word on Green Lantern Corps or Emerald Warriors, but I can’t imagine that DC would cull the successful GL line of books down to just one title (or two if you count the Red Lanterns book that I assume is launching in September).

Hawkman is apparently on schedule with writer James Robinson, and I can only hope that it will be following up on Brightest Day…and not featuring a magically resurrected Shiera.

And then they cap the list off with the Johns/Reis collaboration that is the new Aquaman series. Obviously we knew this book was coming, but now….well, I’m kinda curious if any of Emperor Aquaman is going to carry over.

Oh, and Bleeding Cool is reporting a team book featuring Lantern’s of every color, potentially with the art of Tyler “Green Lantern Corps” Kirkham.

There are going to be fifty-two numer one issues in September, which is not too far off from the amount of DC Universe titles that come out this month (fifty-six).

Now….they just need to go ahead and ease my worries of my beloved Batgirl suffering because of this and announce that BQM gets to keep it. Well, that, and they need to let us know where Dick Grayson will be.


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Source: CBR