Geoff Johns & Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Has Younger Icons & Not-So-Young Teen Titan?

DC Comics has released the full cover of August 31rst shipping Justice League #1.

Justice League #1 (ships August 31, 2011)A new look Cyborg joins the team. So, while it has been made clear that the DC Comics reboot / relaunch post Flashpoint includes a Justice League that is a younger JLA, it clearly isn’t so much younger since you have a rather mature looking Victor Stone as Cyborg on the team. Even if this New Teen Titans alumnus (yes, yes, we don’t know whether Cy was ever on that team in the new DCU) is the youngest on the Justice League, it does bode well for Tim Drake and other second generation Teen Titans still existing as heroes in the new DCU. The question is what happens to the original Teen Titans with Dick Grayson, the first Robin, etc.? We know there will be a Teen Titans book in September. It will likely include actual “teen” heroes and heroines.

Wizard's Ultimate Teen TitansSo, what happens to the first generation Teen Titans? Hmmm. Will some of that older guard be “young” enough to still be Teen Titans? Does that leave Dick Grayson and Cyborg the twenty-somethings? Or, does the first generation Teen Titans get their own book? Hmmm. Time will tell.

All this speculation sure makes that old Wizard “ultimate” Teen Titans pic from a few years ago more intriguing as it mused about a mix of young and not-so-young Teen Titans. Will DC Comics go in a similar direction post Flashpoint…. not neccessarily with all of the same profiled characters in Wizard pic, but that concept of some recognizable de-aged icons joining an established more classic Teen Titans team? For folks that haven’t seen that issue of the now defunct Wizard Magazine, you may be able to still find issue #136 in the back bins or discount bins of your local comic shoppe. There was a whole piece on “ultimazing” the DC Universe that also included the JLA and other icons drawn by top flight industry artists.

Getting back to the Johns & Lee Justice League, you’ll notice on the Justice League cover that it includes tweaked costumes for Superman and Green Lantern (new collars for everyone). Aquaman gets a new belt buckle, but shares the new “JLA collar” that Clark and Hal. Batman goes back to the oval-less emblem. Another new costume for Wonder Woman (more silver in it) and Flash’s exposed chin finally gets protected from his high velocity speed. 🙂

So, what say you about the JL fashion and the deal with DC’s first generation Teen Titans?

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